Contributed by Cylance

Is There a Better Way? How Cylance® Uses Math To Defeat Malware

The problem, although few want to admit it, is that enterprise security personnel are defending a castle riddled with holes, filled with secret passageways, and protected by ineffective barriers. These weak points are a consequence of poor quality security software, inferior hardware, and in some cases, backdoors planted by malicious insiders. The end result is a begrudging acceptance that the attackers are winning
the war.

Attacks are motivated by a variety of reasons, originate from various locales, and continue to evolve in complexity as technology progresses. As part of this evolution, modern threats commonly employ evasion techniques designed to bypass existing security measures. Simply detecting these advanced threats after the fact is hard enough, let alone protecting an entire organization against them beforehand.

Learn how Cylance® uses math and artificial intelligence to defeat advanced persistent threats and malware by analyzing files at their DNA level before they execute on your endpoints.