2014 Issue 3

Integrating Big Data into Business Processes and Enterprise Systems

By Robin Reddick, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, BMC Software With the rise of Big Data, a data-driven approach to business is transforming the enterprise. Companies today are thinking about and using data in many new ways to drive business value, from reducing risk and fraud in the financial sector to br[...]

The 21st Century Bank Branch

By Chris Janson, Sr. Market Manager, Ciena Neighborhood banks go back to at least Roman times, where loans were made and deposits accepted in exchange for payment of interest from the local temples. More recently, people today use local banks to deposit paychecks, build savings and borrow money. Like so muc[...]

Big Data, Risk Management, and Full-Fidelity Analytics

By Ryan Goldman, Director of Product Marketing, Cloudera The definition of Big Data is rapidly changing within the financial services industry—pivoting from a measure of volume, variety, and velocity to an evaluation of systems-enabled strategies. Whereas most of the discussion has revolved around the cha[...]

Optimizing service delivery costs and operating models through process-based benchmarking

By Aristide Toundzi Dzouankeu, Senior Manager, Sunil Rajan, Senior Manager, and Bob Reinhold, Principal, at EY For IT executives, optimizing costs and improving service delivery are perennial objectives that require constant rationalizing of resources: how many people are required to support or deliver sp[...]

Data Discovery – Your “Get Out of (Data) Jail” Card

Paul Van Siclen, Director of Market Development, Financial Services, Qlik It is inevitable; everyone who plays the game Monopoly eventually lands in jail by an unlucky roll of the dice or unfortunate pick of a card.  While the passive players sit in jail, the more ambitious ones, those that usually win, wi[...]

Infrastructure Control for Software-Defined Environments

By Andrew Hillier, CTO and Co-founder, Cirba There is a clear trend toward making every aspect of IT infrastructure more software-defined.  It creates flexibility, agility, and enables common hardware to be used to create special-purpose configurations through clever abstractions.  Arguably this trend sta[...]

Create a Competitive Edge by Managing IT like a Business

By Shahryar Shaghaghi, Kurt Salmon, CIO Advisory Financial services CIOs and IT CFOs face an increasingly intractable problem: IT demands continue to grow on a near daily basis as technology becomes increasingly intertwined throughout banking products and services divisions, yet IT budgets tend to remai[...]

Choosing the Right SSDs for Your Data Center

By Doug Rollins, Principal Engineer, Systems Marketing, Enterprise SSDs, Micron Technology, Inc. Solid state drives (SSDs) have made their way into the enterprise data center, and for good reason.  When compared to conventional hard drives, SSDs offer data center applications better performance, bet[...]

Success Factors for Ensuring Regulatory Compliance with CCAR/DFAST Programs

By Rich Brownstein, Director of Risk and Compliance, Perficient Those who have earned their modern-day regulatory reporting stripes on a Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) or Dodd-Frank Act Stress Testing (DFAST) project know there is a broad range of activities, deliverables, and risks to coo[...]

Financial Institutions Worldwide Adopting Video-Enabled Communications

By Joe Arena, Senior Vice President of Advanced Services, Yorktel Banks and financial services companies of all sizes are realizing the value that SaaS (software as a service) and cloud-based videoconferencing and media services deliver. Visual communications technology not only cuts travel-related expenses[...]

The Enterprise Immune System: Embracing Probability to Mitigate Cyber Risk

By Rob Sass, Managing Director, North America, Darktrace Data theft and intellectual property loss have been well-documented in the media, but the financial services industry also faces the more worrying threat of data compromise, where data is changed, manipulated or controlled. Imagine a situation where b[...]

DRM, an Answer for Insider Threats

By Trevor Smith, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Brite Computers People cause digital leaks.Whether it’s an intentional malicious act or simply an accident, corporations are perpetually at risk and digital rights management (DRM) is the best possible solution available today.DRM s[...]

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