2015 Issue 4

Enterprises Lag at Mobile Security, Growing Their Risk Profile Every Day

By BlackBerry By now, organizations like yours have probably embraced mobile devices and apps for all of the business and productivity opportunities they bring. However, all of the hard-earned ROI and productivity gains you’re dreaming about could disappear the moment a hacker successfully phishes your employees’ account information via a [...]

How the Server Revolution is Transforming Traditional Security

By Mitch Bishop, Chief Marketing Officer, CloudPassage Technology moves fast. In the case of server technology, it has actually moved faster than we could name it. We’ve moved from physical servers to virtual servers to... well, a new kind of server—that sometimes isn’t a server. These latest-generation servers are at the center of a rev[...]

Breaking down the monolith: Embrace microservices to enable agility

By Michael Michaelides, Senior Manager, EY In today’s financial services marketplace, speed to market, agility, economies of scale and a world-class customer experience are all being mandated by customers. To address evolving consumer demand and the growing digitization of competitors’ business processes, financial institutions must find n[...]

WSTA Business View Magazine Article

Business View Magazine, November 2015 In May 1967, eight telecommunications managers gathered and formed the Wall Street Communications Association (WSCA). Since all were from Wall Street firms, their discussion soon turned to the unique informational needs of the financial community. Many of the critical issues facing financial telecommunicat[...]

Preparing for 2020 and Beyond: The Emerging Role of the Trusted Advisor

By Robin Gareiss, Nemertes Research The job of an IT leader has never been more demanding or challenging. New technology paradigms and uses, demands from business units, and scrutiny on IT costs have put pressure on IT never before seen. To maintain effectiveness, IT leaders must rely heavily on partners, and specifically, trusted advisors, to[...]

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