Enterprises Lag at Mobile Security, Growing Their Risk Profile Every Day

By BlackBerry

By now, organizations like yours have probably embraced mobile devices and apps for all of the business and productivity opportunities they bring. However, all of the hard-earned ROI and productivity gains you’re dreaming about could disappear the moment a hacker successfully phishes your employees’ account information via a crafty text message, or when your customers’ financial data is stolen using passwords on an executive’s lost device. These nightmare scenarios are already rather common.

According to a BlackBerry-commissioned survey of 800 CIOs and risk and compliance leaders in 2014, 59 percent admitted that the number of data breaches caused by mobile devices had increased in the past year (and keep in mind, those are only the ones they know about). As a result, 68 percent agreed that mobile devices are already the weakest link in their security framework. Despite the admitted breaches, 61 percent of organizations continue to miscalculate or underestimate the risk caused by mobile technology, as stated by their CIOs or risk and compliance managers.

In other words: organizations, even those that are normally very conscientious about security, are doing very little when it comes to mobile security.

Clearly, there is plenty of catching up to do. What’s your first move? We would suggest reading this guide book, The Definitive Guide to Mobile Security, cover to cover. Produced by BlackBerry security experts, the book provides a strategic overview of ALL the risks that your organization faces in today’s mobile-first world.

Aimed at both business and IT decision makers, The Definitive Guide to Mobile Security also offers actionable tactics for planning and building a bullet-proof security architecture, and how to recover if breaches do occur.

The guide is especially relevant to those who operate in high-security, regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, government, etc.

After reading the Guide, we invite you to continue the conversation with one of the security experts here at BlackBerry, or visit to download other informative resources, and/or follow BlackBerry via and BlackBerry4Biz to learn more tips on enterprise mobile security.

Download this free eBook for a strategic overview of ALL the risks your organization faces in today’s mobile-first world.
Stephen Leonard
Senior Enterprise Solutions Manager


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