All Change – Managing IT today is all about Managing Change

By Dan Russon, Director, Research and Innovation, Xceed Group

The pace and volume of technology change continue to increase, yet success rates for executing technology change remain low. This conflict is at the heart of managing IT successfully on Wall Street today and for the foreseeable future.

In the ‘digital era’ customers are closer to IT Departments than ever before and IT’s ability to directly impact share-price has never been greater. So what can be done to ensure your IT is helping rather than hindering company performance?  The first thing we believe is that it’s not about the choice of technology or methodology. It’s about increasing your change ability and agility. It’s about attitudes, behaviours, influence and persuasion, constant adaptability and successful adoption – achieved through conversion not compliance.

There are no large scale technology change programs that don’t impact the business – and no big business change programs that don’t impact IT. Getting better at ‘Big Change’ is the single most important area for improvement across the majority of companies we work with.

Technology transformation is constant. Recognising that isn’t hard, but responding to it effectively is. Especially when there are legacy systems and mind-sets to deal with, which leave traditional financial service firms susceptible to disruptive challengers.

With this in mind, we set out to establish what really makes the difference between success and failure on big technology change programs. 240 experienced IT change professionals responded to our research, providing both free-text and structured answers. The link below takes you to the full Big Change Report which details the complete results and outlines more than 30 research-led recommendations for improving change success rates. The recommendations are all aligned to the “Big Five” areas that our respondents identified:

  • Clarity of Purpose and Scope
  • Communication – of purpose, plans and progress
  • Executive Sponsorship – visible and vocal support
  • Resource Attitude – more important than Skill
  • Quality of Planning – cited as a reason for failure more often than success

Interestingly, not a single respondent mentioned ‘Methodology’ or spoke about technology across nearly 1,500 free-text responses. It’s not technology, but culture, behaviours and difficulties influencing and persuading other areas of the business that is holding IT back.

We’ve found that exploring insight and using approaches from outside traditional IT disciplines is providing the biggest bang for buck. Behavioural Sciences – especially Behavioural Economics and the ‘science’ of persuasion, are gold-mines for new ideas and approaches that are empirically proven to improve the success of ‘big change’. Our favourite is the EAST Framework from the CEO of the Behavioural Insight Team, outlined in full in the Big Change Report that can be downloaded Here.

There is also a series of Big Change blogs available Here providing further ideas and insight for improving the success of change.

If managing IT is about managing change – then it’s about looking outside IT for smarter ways of improving change success rates and aligning them to the Big Five in your organisation.

Discover over 30 research led recommendations for improving change success rates. Aligned to the ‘Big Five’ focus areas for successful change identified by 240 experienced change professionals in Xceed Group’s recent research.


Contact: Dan Russon, Director, Research and Innovation


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Xceed Group helps customers to migrate and transform technology rapidly, without increasing risk. A leading IT Management Consultancy with a track record of delivering high-stakes, complex change programs. Our game changing migration acceleration platform mX accelerates ‘Legacy to New’ Migration Programs by over 30%, while increasing control and confidence

We believe big change brings more opportunity than risk, and our positive attitude, unique tools and flexible methodologies consistently deliver increased success rates for change initiatives while also providing lasting organizational agility improvements.


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