2016 Issue 3


The Next-Generation Data Center: Implementing Effective Internal Segmentation

By Johna Till Johnson, Nemertes Research Enterprise architects and security managers have often wanted but shied away from secure segmentation of their internal networks. Wanted, in order to provide a much higher level of security against lateral attacks and deeper visibility into network use; shied away from, for fear that they would be creat[...]

SEC Updates its Focus on Business Continuity and Transition Plans

Ian G. DiBernardo, a Partner in Stroock’s Intellectual Property Practice Group, and a WSTA Ticker Publication Committee member since 2011 August 25, 2016 The Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) recently provided insight into its current thinking regarding business c[...]

Optimizing the Hadoop Infrastructure that Runs Your Big Data Initiatives

By John Seifert III, Product Manager, Capacity Optimization, BMC Hadoop, the technical foundation for big data analytics, is now 10 years old and quickly becoming mainstream. Investments in Hadoop infrastructure continue to increase at a CAGR of 21.7% (IDC), and software and services fo[...]

The Golden Opportunity to Grow Revenues and Profits via Analytics

By Duncan Ash, Senior Director, Global Financial Services, Qlik There is a golden opportunity for financial services companies to take some of the great analytical insights they generate for people who work in their hea[...]

Why Banks Can’t Ignore the Human Element

By Warren Losey, Industry VP, Financial/Professional Svcs, Xerox The giants of the digital world have completely shattered traditional customer expectations across all industries. Your customers now expect the same real-time, digital, personalized experiences that they enjoy from the likes of Apple, Google and Amazon.But as important as fo[...]

How Federated Data Lakes Transform Big Data into Business Insight

By Matthew Lempriere, Telstra Firms operating in financial markets today face increasing challenges around the growth of ‘big data’. With the ability to collect, record, store and retrieve more data than ever before, how do firms make sense of it all in a way that provides useful and useable business insight?The big data challe[...]

Insightful Applications

By Anthony Golia, Chief Architect, Red Hat & Josh West, Principal Solution Architect, Red Hat The delivery style of data analytics is evolving. Currently, business intelligence (BI) tools are separate from business applications. This is evolving into embedded delivery of contextual insight within business applications, which have been [...]

Beyond Keywords Making the Case for Visualizations in Digital Investigations

Nuix surveyed over 200 people in the digital investigations field around the world to discover just how closely the assertions in our Beyond Keywords white paper match up with the experiences of investigators and analysts in the field, where it really counts.[...]

How to Build Your Professional Network

By Resume Strategists Inc. Networking is a great way to find new clients, business opportunities and speaking engagements. It’s also key to identifying those within your own company who may champion your projects or career advancement, now or down the road. Unfortunately, networking doesn't come naturally to everyone. Some people seem to eas[...]

Industry Insights: Efficiency & Scale in Middle Office Financial Analytics & Compliance

By Avere Systems In this webinar, IDC – Financial Insights Research Director, Bill Fearnley, looks at current middle office IT workflows supporting analytics, backtesting and financial modeling and evaluates a hybrid cloud infrastructure to support growing demands.Watch the Webinar.[...]

Doing Big Data Effectively Needs Intelligent Capacity Management

BMC What are the key challenges for planning a Hadoop cluster? How can organizations improve efficiency and effectiveness of a Hadoop environment through effective capacity management?Download the white paper.[...]

What's New

Enabling Access to Aggregated Data and Quantitative Models for Competitive Advantage In this new IDC white paper by analyst Bill Fearnley, you will learn about the current pressu[...]

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