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Avere 175 x 75Enabling Access to Aggregated Data and Quantitative Models for Competitive Advantage
In this new IDC white paper by analyst Bill Fearnley, you will learn about the current pressures within financial services to control costs, manage risk, and increase return on equity. These pressures place significant strain on IT infrastructure required to run complex models and testing. IDC looks at options available to improve alpha throughput while protecting investments and supporting the growing demand for data access and processing with hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Avere Systems
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BMC SoftwareTrueSight Capacity Optimization for Hadoop optimizes the use of Hadoop IT infrastructure resources, resulting in faster service delivery and reduced costs.  With views of the entire Hadoop IT infrastructure – physical, virtual and cloud – you can easily add, remove or adjust compute, storage, network and other IT resources.
Service views, forecasting and modeling capabilities provide the insight needed for planning and managing infrastructure needs and controlling the timing and cost of new capital and operational expenditures.
Robin Reddick
BMC Software
Phone: 1-713-918-1550

XeroxNew Path Forward: Xerox and Conduent
If you haven’t heard, Xerox has announced an exciting new path forward: It will separate into two publicly traded Fortune 500 scale companies. This is a strategic move that will make both organizations even more agile and better able to meet client needs. The document technology side will retain the Xerox name and continue its leadership in document management and outsourcing. The business process outsourcing (BPO company, to be named Conduent Inc.), is set to grow its already strong standing as a transaction processing leader.
Jana Thompson
Email: Jana.Thompson@xerox.com
Web: www.xeroxpathforward.com

Nuix 175Convert electronically recorded speech to text with Nuix Voice
Nuix Voice integrates Voci’s V-Discovery speech analytics platform with Nuix’s portfolio of products for eDiscovery, investigation, information governance, cybersecurity, and intelligence. It turns hours of recorded and live speech into accurate and fully-punctuated transcripts in minutes for analysis, search, and additional downstream processing. Nuix Voice allows you to search and analyze human speech alongside emails, text messages, documents, chats, and many other sources.
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XceedExpert Migration Advice: How to tackle common migration project fails
Xceed Group has helped some of Wall Street’s largest businesses accelerate their migration activities, enabling them to thrive, adapt and grow. However, too often these projects under deliver or fail – why? There are many reasons technology migration projects enter a ‘CODE RED’ situation. How can you tackle the issues before it is too late and your project fails?
For targeted recommendations based on your specific situation, get in touch for a complimentary 60 minute discussion with a migration recovery expert.
John Fornieri
Phone 1-646-660-4841
Email: mx@xceedgroup.com
Web: www.xceedgroup.com

VMware175x75 copyVMware 24/7 Branch Anywhere is a modern solution that simplifies and centralizes the management of banking kiosks, teller workspaces, banking applications, ATM images and mobile devices. It offers CIOs a platform to implement their next-generation end-user-computing vision that

For more information, please reach out to dashm@vmware.com


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