2016 Issue 4

Workload Automation: Accelerate Digital Services Delivery

By BMC Executive Summary In most industries today, delivering digital services to customers and employees is essential to business success. Consequently, there is more pressure on the enterprise IT organization to provide the applications that deliver these services faster. This increased speed of application delivery combi[...]

Top Five Considerations for Designing a Mobile Experience for Your Employees and Customers

By Yu-Ting Huang, Director Solutions Marketing, Citrix While traditional and web apps have long been in widespread use in financial services, the industry is rapidly being redefined by Web and mobile apps accessed on diverse devices across different networks. With these new types of apps, employees can extend the boundaries of the traditional [...]

Addressing the Threat Within: Rethinking Network Security Deployment

By Gigamon Introduction Cyber security breaches are happening at an industrial scale. The unabated volume of cyber breaches along with the scale and magnitude of the breaches is forcing the entire industry to re-think how cyber security gets deployed, managed and addressed. At the heart of this change is a fundamental shift i[...]

80% Faster Trading with Kaminario K2

By Kaminario A unique social investment network achieves high-speed performanceExecutive Summary eToro is a global social investment SaaS platform provider. To maintain customer satisfaction with their trading systems, maximum possible performance is essential. In order to support eToro’s rapid growth, while[...]

Shift from Managing Mobile Devices to Managing Apps and Data

By Russ Miller, National Mobile Solution Architect, Magenic Is the corporate-owned mobile device still relevant? Recent advances in mobile operating system and hardware capabilities targeted for the enterprise and enterprise mobile management (EMM) tools are definitely reducing the number of such scenarios. The barrier to this shift has been a[...]

The 15 Critical CASB Use Cases

By Netskope As people and organizations adopt cloud services, Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) have become a must-have for any information security team. CASBs provide critical capabilities such as governing access and activities in sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services, securing sensitive data and preventing its loss, and protec[...]

OnBoarding the Guest Wireless Network

By Nemertes Research There’s no arguing that WiFi is pervasive in our lives. Between the number of laptops in a home with their own wireless Internet connections and the ever-increasing number of devices that rely solely on wireless, including mobile phones and tablets, the everyday user is extremely reliant on this connecti[...]

Optimizing the Hybrid Cloud

By Riverbed In a world of rapidly advancing deployment choices, enterprises need to have the flexibility of a hybrid cloud while still being able to manage their infrastructure.The landscape of the IT enterprise is changing faster than ever. Not since the days when client/server computing shattered the walls of the glass h[...]

Designing and Developing for a Mobile-First World

By Dinesh Dhir, Global Managing Partner & Jeffrey Granvold, Director (Professional Consulting Services) of Verizon Enterprise Solutions The way we interact in our business and personal lives has fundamentally changed. The changing landscape - shifting demographics, fierce regulations and the advent of new technologies - is driving this nex[...]

Optical Encryption: Is your data fully protected?

By Ciena Protecting company and customer data is a core concern of every organization today. Ciena’s WaveLogic Encryption solution provides wire-speed transport-layer optical encryption that is always-on, enabling a highly secure fiber network infrastructure that safeguards all of your in-flight data from illicit intrusions, all of the time.[...]

The Future of Grid in a Cloud-enabled World

By Cray Inc. Experts from Cray, TABB Group and Intel team up to take a look at grid, cloud and clusters. You’ll learn how these three approaches differentiate and how they’re evolving into the future. Then you’ll see how TCO stacks up for grid versus cloud. Finally you’ll find out how you get more less on t[...]

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Citrix Secure Access to Apps and Data via the Cloud Citrix powers a world where people, organizations and things are securely connected and accessible to make the extraordinary possible. Our technology c[...]

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