Top Five Considerations for Designing a Mobile Experience for Your Employees and Customers

By Yu-Ting Huang, Director Solutions Marketing, Citrix

While traditional and web apps have long been in widespread use in financial services, the industry is rapidly being redefined by Web and mobile apps accessed on diverse devices across different networks. With these new types of apps, employees can extend the boundaries of the traditional office by becoming mobile or virtual channels for more responsive customer service. Customers can access self-service apps on a myriad of devices. The key question for IT is how to deliver applications to mobile employees and customers, accessible on personal devices, without compromising on user experiences and security.

To ensure success, IT should address the following five considerations:

Development and Compatibility
Mobilizing traditional and custom applications in your environment is challenging enough for one platform, but as BYOD becomes the norm, you need to ensure compatibility with an ever-increasing variety of device types and operating systems. You need to ensure that the custom applications you develop in the future will be fully mobile, accessible and optimized for any-device and any-platform productivity.

Management and Delivery
Mobility should enable seamless, convenient access across devices and locations rather than confuse people with multiple methods for accessing the latest applications. To make the full range of business applications available on any device, IT should provide a single unified app store and a centralized approach for applying upgrades, changes and patches quickly and efficiently.

While some types of information must remain secure in the datacenter to meet compliance or risk management mandates, others may be allowed to reside on mobile devices for offline use, provided it can be stored securely. Your mobile security strategy should secure different types of mobile data differently as well as give users a safe and easy way to share sensitive documents without resorting to unsecured third-party solutions. You also need to protect Web properties from malicious attacks.

Availability and Performance
Traditional and custom applications are designed to run best in a traditional enterprise environment rather than on mobile devices where packets may have to travel over mobile networks of varying quality to reach the users. Poor application performance on mobile devices can quickly disillusion users. Stable and expandable network connectivity is essential to ensure security, performance and productivity for remote access.

User Experience
Most legacy apps have taken an incremental approach to mobility. This results in clunky user interfaces and unintegrated apps that frustrate users and reduce productivity. Intrusive security protocols further degrade the user experience and make users more likely to circumvent these measures. To achieve full productivity on tablets and smartphones, the mobile apps should provide users with a native mobile-like experience, including touch-screen inputs and an interface optimized for smaller displays.

Mobility is quickly transforming financial services. Empowering top talent to work how, when, and where they choose helps organizations improve recruitment, retention, productivity and satisfaction, ultimately driving business value through better customer service and faster workflow. To keep pace with customer and employee expectations, organizations must deliver an outstanding experience through new mobile and Web apps, while enabling existing channels such as call centers and branch locations to become more productive.

Contact: Yu-Ting Huang, Director Solutions Marketing, Citrix


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