Workload Automation: Accelerate Digital Services Delivery


Executive Summary
In most industries today, delivering digital services to customers and employees is essential to business success. Consequently, there is more pressure on the enterprise IT organization to provide the applications that deliver these services faster. This increased speed of application delivery combined with frequent application changes is forcing IT to look for ways to become more agile and scalable, and to accelerate processes and work. According to industry analysts, 60-70 percent of the application processing within organizations is scheduled and repeatable batch processes. In most organizations, IT has automated the scheduling, monitoring, and management of these processes. But the downstream effort of creating the batch jobs and workflows largely remains a manual process. If IT organizations automate this downstream process, they can substantially accelerate the time to implement an application. Instead of scripting homegrown wrappers that will later be automated by generic scheduling tools, IT can employ a workload automation solution and automate the entire batch process—from design to delivery. A well-architected workload automation solution will:

• Provide native integration with enterprise applications
• Monitor application performance against service level agreements (SLAs)
• Analyze workload completion status
• Automatically take corrective action in the event of failures
• Proactively alert IT staff of problems that require attention.

This paper discusses the obstacles IT organizations face in developing and managing application batch work and how a workload automation solution can remove these barriers while decreasing the time and costs of delivering digital services. It also presents the requirements that such a solution should meet to be effective

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