White Papers

The Why, When and Where of Insider Threats

The financial services industry is particularly vulnerable to insider threats. Learn to identify the traits of risky users and protect your critical data and IP. View Now

Cyber Resilience for the C-Suite

Cybersecurity is officially dead. Spending on software and hardware security tools have risen substantially. Yet data breaches have been increasing steadily over the past five years. View Now

A Golden Opportunity in Financial Services: Get Customer Data to Frontline Employees

Download the executive brief Financial Firms Learn to Love Customers by Extending Data Analytics, an analysis of a recent WSJ. Insights/Qlik® survey. View Now

Security Awareness Training

The spread of ransomware through email phishing shows that security is only as effective as the humans entrusted with it. Find out how to make your organization security aware. View Now

Transforming Banking Networks to Support Innovative Digital Services

This paper summarizes key trends influencing digital banking, the impacts on IT, and how banks can use Data Center Interconnect technologies to support digital banking services. View Now

Digital Transformation in Financial Services

Learn how VMware transforms organizations by transitioning from legacy IT to modern infrastructure & clouds, merging traditional interactions & digital engagement, and adopting transformative security. View Now

Cybersecurity: Moving from Anchor to Enabler of Innovation

The digital and FinTech-driven disruption and transformation of financial services continues — but at what price? View Now

Use It or Lose It!

How successful and strategic can IT ultimately be if only a fraction of employees or customers enthusiastically adopt the technologies available to them? View Now


The financial industry is on the fast track to revolution, fueled by FinTechs, cryptocurrencies and a digitally savvy customer base. View Now

Boost Your Efficiency & Resiliency with Object Storage

This report discusses the storage management challenges organizations are facing today and the potential benefits object storage can provide to help ease these burdens. View Now


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