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Portworx has a hard-to-reach target audience of sophisticated container technology users. The WSTA helped us successfully reach the right people in the Financial Services community. I’ve worked with WSTA for years, and their results are consistently excellent.
Fred Love
Former VP of Marketing, Portworx
WSTA brings together a symbiotic community of technology executives and domain experts to continually discuss and debate the practicalities of emerging technologies transforming financial services. We sponsor many of these invaluable forums and participate in the panels to bring new perspectives to the industry while listening for the most pressing IT infrastructure problems we can help solve.
Kevin Lash
Head of Global Financial Services Solutions, Nutanix
I very much enjoyed the discussion and hope I was able to pass along some useful knowledge. I’d very much like to participate again in the future, it was a great discussion!
Phil Sciuto
Director of Solutions Architecture, HGST | a Western Digital Brand
The WSTA is in a unique position to bring together the talent of Wall Street technologists and business leaders with leading edge Industry partners. This partnership helps drive innovation and advance the mission of WSTA member firms.
Paul Sturr
Head of Technology Governance for the Institutional Wealth and Corporate Solutions Technology, part of Morgan Stanley’s Wealth Management Technology division
Content Advisory Committee & Seminar Review Committee Member
WSTA provides important connectivity between forward looking strategies and daily technology management issues. While today’s pace of change and opportunity is unprecedented, particularly in the Cybersecurity space I focus upon, few of the legacy challenges we face go away as quickly. Our imperatives become cumulative, not just incremental. The information and thought exchange facilitated by WSTA helps us be more efficient as we face and make decisions among extremely dynamic control options.
Thomas Doughty
Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at Prudential Financial
WSTA Director
At the team and individual levels, organizations must create meaningful channels for everyone to learn and evolve to stay relevant in careers that are now or will soon be augmented by technologies like artificial intelligence and automation. At S&P Global, technology underpins everything we do and is a means to elevate the work our greatest resource—our people—conduct every day as we seek to power the markets of the future. Along the same vein, WSTA’s mission of promoting industry learning and best practices is highly relevant as technology across the financial industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace.
Swamy Kocherlakota
Chief Information Officer for S&P Global
WSTA Director
Boston has an outstanding IT community across a number of diverse industries, and WSTA is the premier network for financial services organizations. Over the last several years, Boston has seen significant growth in our technology, biotech, healthcare and education industries. But the highlight has been the explosion of the Fintech industry at both existing companies and startups. Blockchain, crypto currency, and changes in the payment industry have now become key areas of focus.
Don Anderson
Senior Vice President and CIO at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
WSTA Boston Expansion Committee Member

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