Welcome Lina! New Board Member Added

Welcome, Lina Gladstein

We are pleased to announce our newest addition to the WSTA’s Board of Directors, Lina Gladstein!

Meet Lina: A Leader in Relationship Management & Innovation

Lina GladsteinLina Gladstein brings a wealth of experience to the WSTA Board. In the financial services sector, she’s known for her exceptional skills in relationship management and innovative thinking. Her strategy? It’s all about using strategic communication and relationship-building to create trust, deliver value, and establish lasting connections with customers, vendors, industry peers, and team members.

A Proven Executive with Advanced Leadership Skills

With a track record of success, Lina Gladstein has demonstrated her ability to build, nurture, and manage high-performing technical teams spanning diverse geographic locations. Beyond her leadership capabilities, she is trusted by colleagues and team members for her rational decision-making and valuable expert insights.

Driving Excellence at FRBNY

Currently leading Enterprise Technology Infrastructure and Operations at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY), Lina manages operations, infrastructure engineering, IT services, and end-user support. She’s all about improving customer service and enhancing business outcomes, making her a fantastic addition to the WSTA community.

A Record of Achievement in Technology Leadership

Before FRBNY, Lina held various technology-based positions in global and U.S.-based utility companies, including application development, database administration, integration services, and IT service management. Notably, she implemented a robust IT Governance system that effectively managed a multi-provider ecosystem, ensuring the delivery of services that met or exceeded global SLAs. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Lina actively engages with her community and serves as a leadership advisor for the WoMEN Resource Network.

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