The Continued Benefits of Virtual Events – A WSTA Perspective

The WSTA’s perspective on why virtual events remain important in financial services and technology.

As more people return to office and in-person events are once again the norm, the WSTA wants to share what it has learned since going from exclusively in-person events since 1967, then moving from in-person to virtual events post Covid and why virtual will remain a critical component of our educational program.

Prior to Covid, most educational and networking activities were in NYC with members attending from the NY tri-state area. Many members and speakers needed to travel to the event; limiting the number of people who wanted or were able to attend due to cost and travel constraints.

Since implementing virtual access, we’ve not only expanded our participation across the United States but have speakers and members logging-in from many other countries including the UK, India, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, China, Netherlands, etc. Reaching a broader and global audience provides more diverse perspectives and experiences, which enriches the discussions, sparks new ideas, and fosters a greater collaboration within technology vendors, service providers, and financial services. We offer the same industry-relevant content, which is curated by financial services technology professionals, at our virtual and in-person events.

Virtual Benefits for WSTA Members
Virtual access has added value to WSTA Corporate Memberships by allowing any technology or business professional at the firm to have free access to the educational events providing greater ROI. In addition to the WSTA’s larger, in-person events, it offers members a way to learn about important technologies and topics in a shorter timeframe and right from their desks or mobile devices, limiting their time out of the office and the transportation costs associated with attending in-person events. In the hybrid environment, we hear that some members tend to not want to leave the office on days when they are there making virtual a great option.

Virtual Benefits for Technology Vendors and Service Providers
While there is nothing like meeting prospective clients in person, virtual participation gives technology vendors and service providers the opportunity to share their solutions with a much broader decision-making audience. It can also reduce expenses and time by using remote speakers from anywhere to share their expertise on key topics and reps don’t have to physically be there either. Taking a virtual speaking or panel sponsorship is also less costly than in-person sponsorships as well. The WSTA provides a tremendous amount of pre- and post-event promotions to our members, so your contact is not just limited to the virtual event itself.

The WSTA will continue to offer both in-person and virtual events going forward, as we believe they each offer a value to our members, technology vendors and service providers. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event – virtually or in-person!

Jo Ann Cooper & Phyllis Lampell, WSTA Executive Directors