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Lean. Agile. Moving at startup speed. That’s the promise of adopting the DevOps methodology and related processes, including continuous integration and continuous delivery.

DevOps is an enabler to “shift left” principles, as it involves all stakeholders from Business and IT to own the outcome of their products.  It ensures expedited delivery and iterative improvement.  While enabling rapid adoptions, it also allows new business models and technology experiments to “fail fast.”  This fosters an environment where a firm gets an opportunity to market new products with rich user experience progressively to stay ahead of competitors.

DevOps tools enable continuous delivery and continuous integration, and enable collaboration on features, roadblocks, designs, workflows, configurations and quality management.  These tools optimize how businesses participate, developers work and operations manage for continuous integration and delivery of systems.  They provide windows of control for problem management, change management, service catalog management and knowledge management.

But making these tools work requires a culture change: incenting the new generation of workers, increasing their curiosity quotients, and creating a learning environment.  This WSTA seminar highlights examples of successes, failures and learnt lessons on the CI/CD journeys of the financial industry.


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