October 20, 2022
Hybrid Event
8:30-4:30PM ET
Dive into the tools/technologies enabling better CX & learn how to leverage them to enrich “the human factor”.
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Digital transformation is all about serving customers better. As financial services firms embrace technology-driven customer-centricity, their success hinges on knowing which technologies to select, implement, and deploy, and putting in place the organizational structures, policies, and processes that allow them to take full advantage of these technologies.


Morning Session | Enabling Tools & Technologies for World-Class Customer-Centricity
This morning session focuses on the tools and technologies that give financial services firms the ability to deliver a superlative customer experience (CX).
Specific areas of focus include:

  • Specific areas of focus include:
  • Next-generation collaboration
  • AR/VR/holography
  • The metaverse as customer paradigm
  • Beyond bots: AI and advanced digital service
  • Securing social media and collaboration interactions
  • Effective analytics: Voice analytics, deepfake protection, customer analytics, and voice recognition for customer validation/authentication
  • Internet of Behaviors (IoB)

Afternoon Session | The Human Factor of Customer-Facing Technologies
This afternoon session focuses on how to imbue emerging customer-facing technologies with “the human factor”: positioning them in the service of building, deepening, and enriching human relationships.
Specific areas of focus include:

  • Cross-channel, multiplatform connectivity: it’s not just about building a slick user interface; all channels have to get behind incorporating digital as part of their dialogue with clients, and providing the client with a seamless digital experience
  • Integration tools, technologies, and processes
  • Organizing around analytics: turning a technology capability into a business transformation enabler
  • Privacy and digital ethics: how do you protect customer information at the same time you leverage it for enhanced user experience?
  • Automating compliance
  • Effective customer engagement


8:30AM-8:55AM Breakfast and Morning Registration

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3:30PM-4:30PM Panel Discussion

4:30PM- Event Concludes

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Convene - Downtown Liberty
1 Liberty Plaza
New York, NY