July 17, 2019
Eligible for CPE Credits Earn 7.5 CPE Credits at this event! Click here for more details.

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This event will consist of a series of Seminar presentations, followed by a Panel Discussion. The Seminar presentations will each focus on a unique cybersecurity challenge faced by the financial industry. The Panel Discussion will field questions from the audience, share best practices, and more. Read on for a full description.

Seminar | Cybersecurity threats and attacks are on the rise. Products and technologies promising protection proliferate. Yet financial services firms continue to suffer brand-damaging breaches that reduce productivity and cause compliance concerns. This seminar provides a comprehensive view of the threat landscape, and offers a cohesive look at effective cybersecurity strategies and best-practice operations. We’ll cover zero-trust security, risk assessments, cloud security, and other timely topics.

Participants will walk away with an updated awareness of the current and future threat universe. They’ll receive actionable recommendations and best practices for securing their enterprise infrastructure, applications, and operations. And they’ll gain an understanding of third party risk and how to reduce it.

Panel Discussion You have a cybersecurity strategy, architecture, framework, and operating model. You’ve got the policies and processes in place to ensure your enterprise is compliant and resilient. But how do you know if your approach to either is best-in-class?

This lively and informative panel session discusses the practical and actionable issues around the real-world operations and best practices for cybersecurity, compliance, and resilience.

Participants will learn:

  • What best-in-class security operational metrics are, and how to achieve them
  • How to evaluate cybersecurity technologies on the basis of risk
  • Best practices for key security processes and policies, including incident response, third-party risk assessment, and other foundational processes
  • How to staff and manage a cybersecurity team effectively


8:00AM-8:30AM Registration and Breakfast

8:30AM-8:35AM WSTA Introductions: Thomas Doughty, VP-Chief Information Security Officer, Prudential Financial and a WSTA Director

8:35AM-9:20AM Keynote Presentation: “The Evolving Face of Cybersecurity”

9:20AM-9:45AM Premier Sponsor Presentation: “Mobile-centric Zero Trust Security Framework”

9:45AM-10:10AM Luncheon Sponsor Presentation: “How to Better Prepare for Sophisticated Cyber Heists”

10:10AM-10:35AM Break and Demo Area Visit

10:35AM-11:00AM Presentation: “Building the Next Generation Infrastructure for Access Control and Governance – a NIST Framework”

11:00AM-11:25AM Presentation: “Win Big with IT Resilience”

11:25AM-11:50AM Presentation: “Future-Proof Your Third Party Risk Management Program”

11:50AM-12:30PM Luncheon and Demo Area Visit (Lunch sponsored by Cymulate)

12:30PM-12:55PM Presentation: “Adopting Zero Trust: Risks, Pitfalls & Identifying, Avoiding, Preventing”

12:55PM-1:20PM Presentation: “Why is Governance Risk and Compliance no longer good enough?”

1:20PM-1:45PM Presentation: “Effective Optimization of Your Most Valuable Resource: Your Investigators”

1:45PM-2:15PM Break and Demo Area Visit

2:15PM-4:30PM Panel Kickoff/Discussion

4:30PM-5:00PM Demo Area Visit

5:00PM- Event Concludes

Eligible for CPE Credits

Earn 7.5 CPE Credits at this event! Click here for more details.

Convene - Downtown Liberty
1 Liberty Plaza
New York, NY