April 7, 2022
Virtual Event
10:00-12:00PM ET
With the recent explosion of data manipulation & modeling capabilities, how should financial firms protect customers & employees from data abuse?
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Digital ethics describes the principles governing the behaviors and beliefs about how we use technology and data. Or, in short, doing the right thing with data. This session unpacks the emerging capabilities of data manipulation, including the evolution of data architecture and taxonomy and real-time data analytics for reporting, prediction, and anomaly-detection. It discusses effective best practices for data architecture and taxonomy and data reconciliation (across on-prem and cloud hosting). We will address: how to protect customers and employees from data abuse, given the emergence of unprecedented capabilities for modeling, analysis, and prediction.


10:00AM-10:05AM WSTA Introductions

10:05AM-10:25AM Industry Perspectives and Moderator

10:25AM-11:40AM Panel Discussion

11:40AM-12:00PM Resource Room Visit

12:00PM- Event Concludes

Eligible for CPE Credits
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