October 27, 2021
Virtual Event
10:00-2:00PM ET
Learn how financial firms are using artificial intelligence, analytics, and automation to bolster digital engagement success.
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More than half of customers use digital channels to engage with companies–and that figure continues to climb. Whether it’s webchat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, or self-service knowledge bases, new methods of connecting businesses with their customers are often quicker and more efficient than a voice interaction. As these digital channels become common, differentiators are vital to keeping a competitive edge.

Learn how companies are using artificial intelligence, analytics, and automation to bolster digital engagement success.

When does it make sense to have a live, face-to-face video or voice discussion, and when are digital channels the way to go? And, how is digital engagement affecting revenue, costs, and customer ratings?

Who Should Attend?
Technology professionals and leaders responsible for ensuring quality of experience of customers and employees


10:00AM-10:05AM WSTA Introductions: James Kostulias, Managing Director, Integration Management Office, TD Ameritrade and WSTA President

10:05AM-10:30AM Keynote Presentation: Digital Channels in 2021

10:30AM-10:50AM Gold Sponsor Presentation: AIOps - Putting the Action in Actionable Intelligence

10:50AM-11:10AM PagerDuty Breakout Room

11:10AM-11:30AM Digital and the Human Dynamic

11:30AM-11:50AM Digital Engagement for Banking & Capital Markets

11:50AM-12:10PM Transforming Client Connections through AI, Analytics and Supercharged Employees

12:10PM-12:30PM Break

12:30PM-1:30PM Panel Discussion

1:30PM-1:45PM Executive TechTalk: Digital Transformation - How can FinTech companies successfully drive their digital transformation to elevate the shared human connection between advisors and clients?

1:45PM-2:00PM Executive TechTalk Q&A

2:00PM- Event Concludes

Eligible for CPE Credits
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