June 9, 2020
Virtual Event
3:30-4:30PM ET
This event will focus on how financial firms can maintain resiliency in times of uncertainty.


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Business Resiliency in Uncertain Times

Financial Services companies didn’t have a plan for the calamity of COVID-19. There was no way to plan for this crisis. And with no clear ending in sight, how do companies maintain resiliency?

Join speakers Eric Maloney, Director of Strategy – Advisory Partners, Blue Prism and Swamy Kocherlakota, CIO, S&P Global in the art of conversation with an interactive discussion on how companies have the capacity to take a turn for the better from the COVID-19 difficulty. Digital workers and automation intelligence are bringing the automation sector together to positively respond to this crisis and maintain business resiliency.


Bring your questions and stories to share with the group. And learn what companies are doing with technology, digital services and community service to react to this crises. Together we can share the art of what’s possible.


3:30PM-3:37PM WSTA Introductions & Financial Industry Perspective

3:37PM-3:45PM Introduction & Industry Perspective: How the Automation Sector is Responding to COVID-19

3:45PM-4:30PM Q&A Session

4:30PM- Event Concludes

Virtual Event
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