August 12, 2020
Virtual Event
8:25-1:15PM ET
This virtual event will focus on the technologies & strategies needed to enable a world-class digital experience.
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The customer is at the core of digitization. And companies that make the customer experience (CX) the most important goal can achieve extreme success.

While customer expectations & behaviors are always changing, recent global developments have accelerated the pace of change beyond imagination. Just a few months ago, less than 7% of US workers regularly worked from home. During the pandemic though, 96% of office workers logged in from home. From grocery shopping to depositing checks to happy hours with friends, customers adjusted to a new normal behind a screen.

At the same time, the customer base is evolving generationally. Millennials have different expectations for responsiveness, reachability, and self-service than their Baby Boomer counterparts.

These massive shifts not only changed the way people worked, but they’ve changed the ways people interact & engage with their employers, service-providers and retailers. This event will focus in on the financial services industry to provide an in-depth analysis of the current digitization & CX landscape.

Seminar Overview
What does it take to deliver world-class customer experience in today’s always-on environment? What are the technologies that can enable customer experience digitization, and what are the best practices for deploying them? What are the obstacles to transformation? How do generational shifts affect customer service delivery? Seminar presentations will zero in on these questions and more.

Panel Overview
This panel session will provide use cases, best practices, and lessons learned from our team of experts. We will provide practical guidance on how to provide the best possible customer experience for financial firm clients using current and emerging technologies that attendees can take back and apply in their firms.

Topics Covered
Topics covered will include

  • Automation, RPA, AI, ML, and analytics and for customer experience
  • Omnichannel and contact centers
  • Effective management of social media for the always-on-customer
  • Cloud-based customer experience solutions
  • Collaboration tools for use with customers
  • Enabling the end-to-end customer experience
  • Building and managing personas
  • Privacy and digital customer ethics
  • Client experience across the generations (Gen Z to Millennials to Gen X to Baby Boomers)
  • The shift in IT from full-service to self-service to robotic/automated service
  • Gaining client insights through the use of analytics
  • Digitization, disruption and shift in customer trends and expectations
  • User Experience (UX)


8:25AM-8:30AM WSTA Introductions

8:30AM-8:55AM Keynote Presentation: “Why You Should Prioritize Customer Experience—and 10 Steps to Finding Success”

8:55AM-9:15AM Premier Sponsor Presentation: “The CX of Industrial Revolution 4.0 is Becoming Much More Dynamic”

9:15AM-9:35AM Secondary Sponsor Presentation: “Accelerating Innovation Through Service Ownership”

9:35AM-9:45AM Break (Take some time to Visit the Community Sponsored by ServiceNow)

9:45AM-10:05AM Presentation: “Customer Empowerment: The Next Generation of Customer Experience”

10:05AM-10:25AM Presentation: “21st Century Connection: Addressing Data, Technology and Workflow Fragmentation to Deliver Coherent Customer Experiences in Financial Services”

10:25AM-10:45AM Presentation: "The Effortless Customer Experience"

10:45AM-11:05AM Presentation: “Eliminating the Gap Between Process and Business. Technically Tie Process Improvements to Business Outcomes.”

11:05AM-11:25AM Presentation: “Driving Business Value with a Customer-First Strategy”

11:25AM-11:40AM Break and Virtual Demo Rooms Open (Remain Open Until 1:15PM)

11:40AM-12:40PM Panel Discussion

12:40PM-1:15PM Virtual Demo Rooms Remain Open

1:15PM- Event Concludes

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