August 12, 2020
This event will focus on the technologies & strategies needed to enable a world-class digital experience.
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The customer is at the core of digital transformation. And companies that make the customer experience the most important goal can achieve extreme success: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos describes Amazon’s core business as “customer service”.

At the same time, the customer base is evolving generationally. Millennials have different expectations for responsiveness, reachability, and self-service than their Baby Boomer counterparts.

What does it take to deliver world-class customer experience in today’s always-on environment? What are the technologies that can enable digital customer experience, and what are the best practices for deploying them? How do generational shifts affect customer service delivery?

Topics covered will include:

  • Automation, RPA, AI, ML, and analytics and for customer experience
  • Omnichannel and contact centers
  • Effective management of social media for the always-on-customer
  • Cloud-based customer experience solutions
  • Collaboration tools for use with customers
  • Enabling the end-to-end customer experience
  • Building and managing personas
  • Privacy and digital customer ethics
  • Client experience across the generations (Gen Z to Millennials to Gen X to Baby Boomers)
  • The shift in IT from full-service to self-service to robotic/automated service
  • Gaining client insights through the use of analytics
  • Digitization, disruption and shift in customer trends and expectations
  • User Experience (UX)


8:00AM-8:30AM Registration and Breakfast

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1:45PM-3:45PM Panel Kickoff/Discussion

3:45PM- Event Concludes

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Convene - Midtown East
605 3rd Avenue
New York City, NY