May 12, 2022
Hybrid Event
8:30-4:30PM ET
This high-level event focuses on how to evolve cybersecurity & infrastructure in tandem in order to support and protect other interconnected technologies.
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A solid understanding of emerging cybersecurity paradigms, threats, and vulnerabilities is the foundation for developing a secure next-generation wired and mobile infrastructure to support effective cloud-based application development.

While there are many events that focus on the technical details of various silos, this event is unique in that it brings together the big-picture view to ensure that participants’ strategies and operations are in line with emerging trends in all these interconnected areas. Knowing how both cybersecurity and infrastructure are evolving enables practitioners, strategists, and architects to design effective infrastructure to support next-generation application development, including DevOps and Agile.

Morning Session | Protecting Essential Infrastructure
As financial firms progress along their transformation journeys, protecting essential infrastructure becomes ever-more critical. Additionally, the definition of “essential infrastructure” itself is changing, from fixed to mobile, and from physical to virtual. This morning session addresses how to design, engineer, and implement cybersecurity for today’s hybrid-cloud, mobile-and-wired, virtual environments.

Key areas of focus include:

  • Identity management and identity-as-a-service
  • Risk management
  • Threat protection
  • Zero trust
  • Cloud security
  • Next-generation infrastructure, including SD-WAN, 4G/5G, LEOS, mobile edge, and wireless WAN

Afternoon Session | Secure, Effective Application Development in A Multicloud World
It’s a multicloud world, and financial firms must learn how to effectively develop and deliver software within it. This afternoon session addresses critical disciplines and technologies for developing robust, secure cloud-based applications with the agility and speed that business requires.

Key areas of focus include:

  • Cloud and multicloud architectures
  • Workload placement policies and processes
  • The colo vs edge compute vs IaaS/PaaS/SaaS decision
  • Containerization
  • Cloud automation, orchestration, and management
  • Putting the sec into DevSecOps
  • Cloud-native software development, including frameworks, challenges, tool-driven solutions, and the all-important human factor


Who Should Attend?

Technology practitioners:

  • Cybersecurity practitioners (including architects, SecOps, Appsec, and Netsec)
  • Identity architects and engineers
  • Network and network security professionals
  • Mobile and wireless practitioners (including mobile app developers and support teams)
  • Cloud and cloud security professionals
  • Developers and development team leaders

Technology leaders:
Managers and directors responsible for defining and implementing cybersecurity, cloud, application development, or infrastructure strategies.

Interested in becoming a Panelist? If you are employed by a financial services firm and have expertise in this topic, please fill out this form to be considered.


8:30AM-8:55AM Breakfast and Morning Registration

8:55AM-9:00AM WSTA Introductions

9:00AM-9:15AM Industry Perspectives: Zero-Trust: Making it Real

9:15AM-9:35AM Uncertain Times Call for Certain Responses

9:35AM-9:55AM Modernizing Security Operations to Meet the Evolution of the Financial Industry

9:55AM-10:15AM Managing Cyber Risk and Data Security in Financial Services

10:15AM-10:40AM Demo Area Visit & Platinum Sponsor Breakout Rooms for Virtual Attendees

10:40AM-11:00AM What To Do When They Come For You

11:00AM-11:20AM Zero-Trust Strategies for FinServ

11:20AM-12:20PM Panel Discussion: Risk, Reward, and Business Value

12:20PM-1:10PM Lunch and Update on NYS Cybersecurity Initiatives from Special Guest Kate Harris, Deputy Secretary of Financial Services and Technology for Honorable Governor Hochul

1:10PM-1:25PM Industry Perspectives: Next-Generation Infrastructure

1:25PM-1:45PM Unlocking Innovation without Sacrificing Security or Resilience

1:45PM-2:05PM Defending the Cloud-Native Application Delivery Attack Surface

2:05PM-2:25PM What Does it Mean to Scale?

2:25PM-2:50PM Demo Area Visit & Platinum Sponsor Breakout Rooms for VIrtual Attendees

2:50PM-3:10PM Securing the Software Supply Chain

3:10PM-3:30PM How Visibility Drives Transformative Modernization at Scale

3:30PM-4:30PM Panel Discussion: Balancing Agility and Security

4:30PM- Event Concludes

Eligible for 7.0 CPE Credits
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Convene - Downtown Liberty
1 Liberty Plaza
New York, NY