March 3, 2022
Virtual Event
10:00-12:00PM ET
Learn about the implications of the coming next-generation wireless environment for financial services.
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It’s a wireless world. Technology practitioners and leaders need to keep informed about the coming changes resulting from the rise of high-speed wireless networks, including 5G and low-earth orbit satellites (LEOS). Individuals (including customers, employees, and partners) and systems (including edge computing modules, IoT, and endpoint devices) increasingly use wireless and mobile technologies as the primary form of connectivity, and applications and technology teams must adapt.

This session delves into the roadmap for, and implications of, the coming next-generation wireless environment, including use cases specific to the financial world.

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10:00AM-10:05AM WSTA Introductions

10:05AM-10:20AM Industry Perspectives and Moderator

10:20AM-10:30AM Premier Sponsor Talk

10:30AM-10:45AM Premier Sponsor Breakout Room

10:45AM-12:00PM Panel Discussion

12:00PM- Event Concludes

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