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Date: September 18, 2014 | 8:00am – 1:45pm

Seminar Description

All Wall Street firms made significant investments in Big Data last year – starting with getting the right people to creation of labs, running proof of concepts and identifying the use cases for innovations by data scientists. Using new tools to combine cross-divisional existing data with external data and unstructured data has enabled the creation of analytical models at unthinkable speeds. The maturity of visualization tools has simultaneously helped realize the benefits, exceeding expectations. This seminar will include the new approaches to handling the challenges – when to go from legacy data to the Big Data constructs, how to secure the data in the new physical data stores, how to maintain data lineage, what should the new governance model be, how to handle computing resource crunches, what to design for real time and what to run in batch, and what are the new business challenges that can now be solved with Big Data.


8:00-8:30AM Registration and Breakfast (Breakfast sponsored by Kurt Salmon)

8:30-8:35AM WSTA Introductions- Joseph Weitekamp, Managing Director-Chief Enterprise Architect, ITG, Inc., WSTA Vice President

8:35-9:20AM Keynote: “It’s Not Just Hadoop”

9:20-9:45AM Premier Speaking Sponsor: “Frictionless Analytics on Semi- Structured and Nested Data”

9:45-10:10AM Luncheon Sponsor: “Carpe Datum: “Seize the Data”

10:10-10:35AM Break and Demo Area Visit

10:35-11:00AM “Automata Processing: Accelerating Big Data”

11:00-11:25AM “Value, the Hadoop Opportunity and Delivering On Power of Big Data”

11:25-11:50AM “Risk Aggregation and Reporting Through Big Data Technology”

11:50-12:30PM Luncheon and Demo Area Visit (Luncheon sponsored by IBM)

12:30-12:55PM “Delivering Big Data”

12:55-1:20PM “Big Data: Get it in Production Faster”

1:20-1:45PM “Big Data Unified Approach”

1:45PM Seminar Concludes

Agenda, Speakers and Times Subject to Change



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