Sept. 16, 2020
This event will focus on how cybersecurity must evolve to continue to effectively protect financial services firms.
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Financial firms are well on the path towards zero-trust security, the emerging paradigm in which a distributed network of highly granular trust replaces yesterday’s binary (outside = bad; inside = good) architectures.

But where do we go from here? This seminar is jam-packed with deep insight into the future of cybersecurity and how it must evolve to continue to effectively protect firms.

The accompanying panel session will share war stories and best practices from CISOs at leading firms, as well as from our industry experts. We’ll provide practical guidance on how to prepare for the coming threat environment.

Topics covered will include:

  • Zero trust architecture and its implications
  • Cyber-security protections at the infrastructure, application, and device level
  • Cloud and cloud security: best practices
  • Effectively managing and mitigating risk (third-party, internal, and other)
  • Ensuring continuity, uptime, resilience, BCP/DR in the cloud era
  • Security in a device-proliferation world
  • Infrastructure security
  • Identity and Access Management for financial services
  • Best practices for Incident Response Policies (IRP) in the cloud era
  • Securing DevOps: container security, orchestrator security
  • Mobile application and device security
  • Measuring risk mitigation for cybersecurity
  • Known vs unknown patterns in cybersecurity and advanced threat detection/threat hunting
  • Edge to core modeling
  • Insider threat and digital ethics
  • Digital fraud
  • Security dashboards
  • How to communicate about cybersecurity to the board


8:30AM-9:00AM Registration and Breakfast (Breakfast Sponsored by Splunk)

9:00AM-9:05AM WSTA Introductions

9:05AM-9:30AM Keynote Presentation

9:30AM-9:55AM Breakfast Sponsor Presentation by Splunk

9:55AM-10:20AM Break Sponsor Presentation

10:20AM-10:45AM Break and Networking

10:45AM-11:10AM Luncheon Sponsor Presentation

11:10AM-12:30PM Panel Kickoff/Discussion

12:30PM-1:15PM Luncheon and Networking

1:15PM- Event Concludes

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Federal Reserve Plaza
600 Atlantic Avenue, Harborside 4th Floor: Connolly Center
Boston, MA