Sept. 16, 2020
Virtual Event
8:30-12:00PM ET
This virtual event will focus on the technologies changing the way cybersecurity pros protect against & respond to threats.
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Predictive analytics, AI, and machine learning are changing how cybersecurity professionals protect against and respond to threats and attacks. It’s now possible to know what an attacker is about to do before he does it, which means enterprise cybersecurity professionals can move up the maturity model from reactive to proactive and anticipatory.

This session zeroes in on the specifics of how these technologies can work in a cybersecurity environment. We’ll discuss the controls they enable, the benefits they bring–and the security operational changes they require. And we’ll provide participants and attendees with actionable next steps for implementing these tools in their own cybersecurity environments.

Key topics and technologies include:

  • The role of analytics in zero trust
  • Analytics, AI, ML, and cloud-based cybersecurity
  • How AI and ML are upending the role of a cyber data analyst
  • Analytics, AI and advanced threat detection/threat-hunting
  • Analytics-driven cybersecurity modeling
  • Behavioral threat analytics (user and entity behavioral analytics)
  • Digital ethics and insider threat analytics
  • Infrastructure enabling effective cyber analytics at scale
  • Where now? The future of cybersecurity analytics


8:30AM-8:35AM WSTA Introductions: Don Anderson, Chief Information Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and a WSTA Director

8:35AM-9:00AM Keynote Presentation

9:00AM-9:20AM Breakfast Sponsor Presentation by Splunk

9:20AM-9:40AM Secondary Sponsor Presentation

9:40AM-9:55AM Break and Virtual Tabletop Rooms Open (Remain Open Until 12:00PM)

9:55AM-10:15AM Presentation by Securonix

10:15AM-10:35AM Presentation by Booz Allen Hamilton

10:35AM-11:35AM Panel Discussion/Kickoff

11:35AM-12:00PM Virtual Tabletop Rooms Remain Open

12:00PM- Event Concludes

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