Cybersecurity Resource Roundup

These Cybersecurity resources were provided by the Platinum Speakers at the WSTA’s May 18th Hybrid Event, Cybersecurity in a Risky World.

Financial Services & Post-Pandemic Cybersecurity

Now more than ever, financial institutions need simple and creative solutions to reduce risks, meet compliance requirements, and safely embrace new technologies.

2023 Ransomware Report

With ransomware attacks still on the rise, Fortinet recently released this report after surveying global cybersecurity leaders around the world for their latest insights on ransomware & its global impact.

The Global DDoS Threat Landscape Report 2023

This report reviews DDoS attack activity during 2022, provides insights into the year’s most noteworthy DDoS events, and offers recommendations for the year ahead.

The CNAPP + XDR Platform

The 1st unified CNAPP and XDR platform reduces risk by prioritizing responses to threats, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, sensitive data exposure, and compliance mandates across your modern attack surface—all from a single UI.

Payment Security Report 2022
Verizon Business

Learn best practices for simplifying and improving your payment data security. Discover how to navigate the changing requirements introduced by PCI DSS v4.0—with clear goals and innovative models to help you meet compliance and improve your risk profile.