Innovating with the Basics: Reduce Fraud with Low-friction QR Code Log-in

No more passwords! Using passwords to log into online accounts or make payments is the mainstream method, but as evidenced by the many stories of hacks and breaches, it’s unsecure, cumbersome, and expensive to maintain. Passwords are vulnerable and easy to crack, accounting for over 60% of breaches due to hacking. Using a simpler, more secure sign-in method such as QR code can improve customer experience, reduce operational expense, and build cybersecurity resiliency. Download the whitepaper to learn how!

In this whitepaper, we will explore:

  • Why QR code as a passwordless log-in method  is simpler and more secure to the user;
  • What does QR code log-in look like for the business and the user; and
  • What use cases are most ready to leverage this method
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