AI & Machine Learning

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Machine-Powered Learning for People-Centered Security

Learn how Proofpoint can help protect against malicious emails that exploit human behaviors, not technical flaws. View Now


CISO’s Guide to Cloud Security

This white paper from Verizon Business explores why machine learning, analytics & visualization should be key components in any cloud security solution. View Now


Securing SWIFT With Securonix

Securonix increases your security through improved visibility, actionability, and security posture, while reducing management and analyst burden. View Now


Migrate to the Cloud with Ease Using Data Virtualization

Watch to learn how data virtualization can facilitate cloud migration as seamlessly as possible enabling business users to easily point to the correct data source. View Now

The Role of Analytics & AI within Financial Services: Risk, Technology and Implementation

Nowadays there is a desire for a better understanding of data and how to use it to improve business decision-making. View Now

AI by the Numbers

If you haven’t explored what AI can do for your business, here's a snapshot of the present and future of AI, told in 11 statistics. View Now

Autocode.AI – The Future of Coding

Creating a simple webpage can take hours of coding, but what if it was as simple making a sketch? Find out how it's possible with AI. View Now


Reveal Unstructured Data Content & Risk

See how deep learning can reveal and protect the millions of business critical documents your employees create & share every day. View Now

February 20

“Analytics, AI & Beyond” Panel Discussion Recap

Did you miss the February 20th Analytics & AI Panel Discussion? Here are some of the top takeaways from some of our Board & Committee Members in attendance: View Now

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Improving the Success Rate of AI Projects

Read this whitepaper from MarkLogic to find out how to improve the success rate of your AI projects. View Now

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