Executive TechTalks

Executive TechTalks | Next-Gen Collaboration

Which tools & technologies are enabling hybrid and/or remote FSI employees to communicate & collaborate more effectively? View Now

Executive TechTalks | Zero Trust Security

Zero Trust Security: What is it? How are financial firms deploying it? What are its challenges & benefits? View Now

Executive TechTalks | Cloud Migration

What are the best practices & gotchas as FinTech firms move to cloud? Executives discuss key opportunities, constraints, and tips for successfully aligning cloud migration & business strategies. View Now

Executive TechTalks | AI/Machine Learning & Analytics

In recent years, AI & ML have evolved from trendy buzzwords to business must-haves. Dive into this topic through the lenses of security, efficiency, and ethics. View Now

Executive TechTalks | Digital Transformation

Finserv exces chat about the human-side of digital transformation & how to foster a greater connection between advisors & clients. View Now

Executive TechTalks | Strategies for WFH & RTTO

Finserv execs discuss top considerations for financial firms solidifying plans for their employees to Return to the Office or continue to Work from Home. View Now

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