Executive TechTalks

Executive TechTalks | Communicating Cybersecurity Effectively to the Board

Translating cyberspeak to business language is often the hardest part of the job. Here are 3 tips for doing it [...]


Executive TechTalks | Cybersecurity & Business: The New Operational Model

Cybersecurity is moving away from a “command and control” model towards a federated one. Learn how to make that transition [...]


Executive TechTalks | The Convergence of NetOps & SecOps

As cybersecurity and network operations converge, learn best practices for integrating these two teams, and find out how converged SecOps [...]


Executive TechTalks | The Mesh Architecture

Cybersecurity professionals are barraged with products and solutions. A good way to decide which ones are truly necessary is to [...]


Executive TechTalks | XLAs in DCX Environments

How do XLAs (Experience Level Agreements) and SLAs (Service Level Agreements) compare, and how do you deliver on them? In [...]

Executive TechTalks | Chaos Testing in DCX Organizations

How prevalent is chaos testing in the DCX world? There are many ways to implement chaos testings. Guus Bosman, Head [...]

Executive TechTalks | Infrastructure Requirements of DCX

What are the infrastructure requirements of DCX? In this short clip, Guus Bosman, Head of Platform Performance with E*TRADE from [...]

Executive TechTalks | The Role of AI & Machine Learning In Supporting DCX

Customer-facing applications create enormous amounts of data. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can assist in mining that data [...]

Executive TechTalks | The Future of Integrated Customer Experience

How will Digital Customer Experience (DCX) evolve in the future? What should technologists expect to see as data and applications [...]

Executive TechTalks | Overlap Between Automation, Risk Mitigation & DCX

How do the areas of automation, risk mitigation, and digital customer experience (DCX) overlap? How are they different? Automation and [...]