The Emerging Complexity of Crisis Management

Written by John Checco
President Emeritus, New York Metro InfraGard
WSTA Committee Member
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It is conceivable and probable that today’s adversaries have contemplated – and recruited for – event scenarios in which a physical crisis is pre-ignited by a series of one of more carefully orchestrated cyber incidents.

As extremist groups grow bolder and attract younger more technology-astute prospects, there will be a convergence where both logical and physical attacks methods are used in concert towards a singular goal. These will be much more complex and targeted than the typical diversionary tactics we are prepared for today.

I have been blessed in my career to have worked in a broad spectrum of industries, from pure technology research to telecommunications to health imaging to financial services to government. I have also had the good fortune to be involved in many community organizations that are focused on protecting our critical infrastructures at the local and national levels, encompassing both cyber threats as well as emergency services first responder operations. Being active across both industries and security domains has exposed unique insights into the necessity for due diligence against new paradigms of attack.