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In this informative session, we will show how to leverage Kubernetes to automate complex data-centric application pipelines, including big data, NoSQL, RDBMS and more — on-prem or on any cloud — so your software teams can focus on app development rather than infrastructure. We will also show how to utilize infrastructure- and topology-aware technology to accelerate deployment and maximize resource utilization.

Meet the Speaker
Simone Sassoli, Chief Customer Officer,
Simone SassoliSimone Sassoli is Chief Customer Officer at, where he is responsible for helping customers deliver a self-service experience for enterprise workloads with automated workflows, scaling and lifecycle management. Sassoli has over 20 years of experience in management, sales and marketing, engineering and customer support. He has built worldwide high-performance teams and led global product strategy and management for leading companies including Cisco, RGB Networks, SeaChange International and General Instrument.