Contributed by Thomas Doughty, WSTA Vice President

On March 19th, financial technology & business professionals attended the WSTA’s first virtual session focused on critical infrastructure technologies.

Many great ideas & interesting perspectives were shared during this event, but here are some of the top takeaways provided Thomas Doughty, VP – Chief Information Security Officer at Prudential Financial & WSTA Vice President. You can check out the agenda here.

  • We need to take analytics inputs beyond the scope of user and system events… and find contextual ways to include data events. Recognizing and adjusting technology and controls around lifecycle of a piece of data, as opposed to the history of what people or systems do, is an increasingly important capability that’s lagging— and a true data architecture within each Enterprise is a prerequisite for reducing that lag.
  • Given the current pace of transformation in IT, it can be difficult to recognize what an organization is pivoting around at times. Architecture evolves, of course, but now more than ever, technology architecture across an Enterprise’s supported business lines must be curated in one place. Centralized “gatekeeping” for execution and technology investment… not necessarily for R&D and learning… sound like burdensome hurdles but they’re not. They actually increase agility, supportability, and efficiency when choices in support of business outcomes can be made within a properly evolving reference architecture, as opposed to resourcing siloed decision making with the potential for unnecessarily bespoke solutions.


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