Presented by Nemertes Research

The world has changed. Covid-19 has driven knowledge workers from CEOs to contact center agents to work from home; some may never return to a traditional office.

Even before Covid-19, the migration to cloud-based workloads has changed enterprise architectures forever. Fewer than 40% of workloads now reside in corporate data centers, and less than 40% of WAN traffic is “inside-to-inside” (from branch offices to internal data centers). The rest originates or terminates offsite (or both). And with business process outsourcing, critical resources increasingly reside outside the corporate premises.

It’s fair to call this new “outside-in” organization an “externalized enterprise”. And securing this externalized enterprise means CISOs need to approach cybersecurity differently. Identity-based security must move from a buzzword to a reality, and analytics and automation take center stage as “need to have” capabilities.

In this presentation, Nemertes CEO and WSTA Content Committee Chair Johna Till Johnson reveals best practices for financial services firms who successfully secure their externalized enterprises, including:

  • Effective cloud security architecture and operations
  • Moving ahead with zero-trust
  • Identity-based cybersecurity
  • Critical cloud security tools and services
  • Rethinking risk for the externalized enterprise
  • Organizing and optimizing cybersecurity operations
  • Securing and enabling a WFH workforce

Seminar participants will learn how their organizations stack up when it comes to mean total time to contain (MTTC) threats; what successful firms do (and don’t do) when moving to the cloud; and what technologies and practices work best to secure a remote workforce.