Securing Sensitive Data, Reducing Risk Exposure, and Serving Up a Great CX

Contributed by Noble Systems
Written by Chris Hodges, Senior Vice-President Sales & Marketing
Identity Theft is On a Roll
Identity theft hits millions of Americans annually and is growing each year. Credit card fraud is one slice of the identify theft pie, but it’s a very expensive one. Putting a price tag on that piece is no easy task, but some estimates show that annual losses have reached the $20+ billion mark and are expected to continue to increase. Card-not-present fraud represents a growing portion of that slice.

Those numbers can be daunting. While data from the Federal Reserve shows that credit card fraud only impacts a fraction of one percent of all purchases made with credit cards, it represents one of the biggest concerns among consumers. This can be attributed to the wide-spread publicity surrounding fraud, building ‘worst-case’ scenarios that play out in people’s minds. Regardless of how small the risk of fraud may be, no one wants to be the victim of having their hard-earned money stolen by criminals.


Safeguarding Data – A Priority for Contact Centers
Given the cost of credit card fraud and the number of people affected, securing payment information is more critical than ever. Improving data security is a leading initiative throughout the contact center industry. Consumers want to trust that the companies with which they do business are safeguarding their sensitive data. And not protecting data can be costly for companies.

Taking a proactive approach to data security in the contact center environment provides financial value, peace of mind, and investor confidence. Following PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance guidelines, encrypting data, implementing system access limitations, and updating systems regularly are tried-and-true methods for protecting data and should be at the top of every company’s payment security checklist. In addition to these practices, companies are looking to improve their security process and scope with new tools that focus on agent-assisted payments while keep the customer’s data secure. (Noble’s Secure Payment Assist is one example of these tools.)


More Security, Great Customer Experience
Data security, while mandatory for PCI Compliance, is also an integral part of the customer experience (CX). Transforming credit card payments into a collaborative process between agent and customer – while going the extra mile to protect sensitive data – reduces the potential of payment information being stolen and enhances CX. Contact management solutions with the following security features provide an additional layer of data protection, while preserving the convenience of agent-assisted transactions:

  • Caller provides card data via touchtone keypad (instead of voice)
  • Card info is never entered into a database
  • Card info is never heard or viewed (and therefore will not be repeated) by the agent
  • Card info is never captured in voice or screen recordings
  • Agent is connected to the customer to provide assistance throughout the payment process

Taking these extra measures to deliver simpler, more protected payments results in happier customers and a more secure contact center.


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Author: Chris Hodges, Senior Vice-President Sales & Marketing, Noble Systems