WSTA Announces its Partnership with Thrive Scholars

The Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA®), a not-for-profit organization that provides financial technology and business professionals a forum to learn from and connect with each other, is proud to announce its partnership with Thrive Scholars, an organization that supports high-achieving, low income students of color so that they can thrive at top colleges and achieve their career potential.


The WSTA is donating $10,000 to Thrive Scholars to assist with the comprehensive support it provides to talented underrepresented students and will promote Thrive Scholars to its members. Thrive Scholars alumni will also be able to attend WSTA virtual events focused on technology and have access to educational content.

“We are proud to support the objectives of Thrive Scholars and its culture of diversity, inclusion, and equity for underrepresented students considering careers in financial services technology. Through this partnership, the WSTA will provide students access to its professional network, including mentoring, internships, and jobs, to assist them with their career goals,” said James Kostulias, WSTA President.

“We appreciate WSTA’s partnership, which contributes to our commitment to provide high-achieving, low income students of color with the support and resources they need to achieve long term success and fulfilling careers,” said Steve Stein, CEO of Thrive Scholars. “The generosity of our partners is critical to our ability to offer our Scholars the suite of support services they need.”

About the Wall Street Technology Association
The WSTA facilitates virtual and in-person educational and networking events where members meet and exchange ideas and best practices that assist them in effectively capitalizing on technology advances in areas such as Cybersecurity, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Data Management, Cloud, Blockchain, Digital, Architecture, Infrastructure, etc. and dealing with financial industry business challenges. Founded in 1967, the WSTA is a not-for-profit association with a long history of evolving to meet the needs of its members.

About Thrive Scholars
Thrive Scholars’ goal is to see talented low-income students of color develop the inter-generational wealth and financial security their more privileged peers take for granted, and become the diverse corporate, civic and academic leaders our country needs. The organization provides high-achieving, low-income students with the financial, academic and social-emotional support they need to get into a top college, achieve academic success during the college (with programs like Summer Academy), graduate from college and then pursue fulfilling jobs and careers. It offers multi-stage, integrated program of support to ensure students not only get into the top colleges in the country, but they can thrive during college and graduate to pursue fulfilling careers.

And the model is working. More than 90 percent of its scholars attend a Top 100 College – and more than 40 percent go to Ivy League schools. 98% graduate. And along the way, they persist more in difficult STEM majors and earn better grades than any other student demographics, including their more privileged peers at their same colleges. Most importantly, they go on to thrive in their careers, and are on the path to becoming the diverse professional, civic, business, and academic leaders of color the country needs.


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