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A Better Way To Fight Financial Fraud

It’s no secret financial fraud is a growing problem. Learn why combining fraud and cybersecurity teams can help your organization fight financial fraud. View Now

Choosing the Right Container Infrastructure for Your Organization

This new white paper compares DIY, virtualized, and bare-metal options for production-ready container deployments. Avoid pitfalls with best practices from the experts. View Now

AI-Enabled Analytics Drives Digital Customer Experience Initiatives

AI encompasses a host of technologies related to Digital Customer Experience (DCX). But how successful are initiatives that leverage AI to improve the customer experience? View Now

Cyber-Physical Coordinated Attacks

How can organizations prepare for scenarios in which a physical crisis is pre-ignited by a series of one of more carefully orchestrated cyber incidents? View Now

Video Collaboration in Financial Services

Frost & Sullivan examines how video collaboration technologies are changing financial services by delivering rich customer experiences, building strong internal communications, and creating consistent omnichannel interactions.  View Now

IDC Financial Insights Market Spotlight

This white paper explores how to inject IT agility and overcome monolithic and complex legacy infrastructure systems that stymie innovation. View Now

Quarterly Update: Disruptive Technologies

Blockchain. IoT. Quantum computing. AI. Which technologies are truly disruptive? Which will change the way we work in the next 3-5 years? View Now

How to Accelerate Time to Value for Blockchain Initiatives

Billions are being spent of blockchain, but use cases are stalling. Companies must find a catalyst to accelerate blockchain initiatives to achieve expected business outcomes. View Now

How to Optimize Your Cloud in the Era of Infrastructure as Code

Leverage “Optimization as Code” to achieve Continuous Optimization that fits into your DevOps CI/CD Framework View Now

Deep Learning: The Next Frontier For Money Laundering Detection

Monitoring transactions for suspicious ones is a routine task requiring much knowledge and experience. But here’s where AI comes into play. View Now


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