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Five Ways Appian Helps Financial Institutions Thrive During Cost-constrained Times

Here are five ways Appian’s low-code automation platform can help you improve efficiency in your financial institution. View Now

Accelerate Transformation with Digital Operations Management for Financial Services

In an increasingly consumer-centric world, traditional financial services institutions need to adapt and embrace digital-first models to keep up and compete. View Now

Software Delivery Management in the Financial Services Industry

This collection of success stories show how IT transformations happen within financial services & the results achieved with the help of CloudBees solutions. View Now

Transforming the Investment Advisor’s Client Communications Capabilities

This white paper from RingCentral discusses the last mile of digital transformation for the investment advisory business. View Now

Global Research: Banking on AI to Help Customers Reach Their Hopes and Dreams

“Help me reach my life goals.” That’s what a growing number of customers say they want from their banks. Find out how you can provide it. View Now

Banking on AI to Help Customers Reach their Hopes & Dreams

“Help me reach my life goals.” That’s what a growing number of customers say they want from banks. Find out how you can provide it. View Now

Why the Future of Banking Will Look Like Amazon

By establishing partnerships with service providers, banks of the future can remain customer-focused and provide services that build revenue & loyalty. View Now

Marketing 5.0

Philip Kotler discusses how the book "Transformation in Times of Crisis" saved him a lot of time by assembling 8 important marketing principles into one easy-to-read book. View Now

Software-defined Network Helps Streamline Hardware

In this Case Study from Verizon Business, you'll see how SDN and IoT development platform expand a manufacture’s service offerings. View Now

Cardano Group Case Study

This Case Study shares an example from the Cardano Group about utilizing containers to drive automation, resilience, and stability resulting in 75% reduction in manned support. View Now

Modernizing Data Analytics

Looking to get more out of your data & find ways to move that often-dormant information in more profitable directions? This short book is for you! View Now

How Financial Organizations Can Maximize Security, Performance & Reliability For Their Online Business

Here are five key considerations that can help a financial services organization get started. View Now

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