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Putting the Sec in DevOps

When you deliver software at the speed of DevOps, you need to manage business risk and guarantee secure software delivery by building security in. View Now

President of Mphasis Direct & Digital Discusses Hyper-Personalization

Dinesh Venugopal discusses how continuously evolving customer demands & expectations are changing the organizations modernize their systems and why front-to-back design is crucial. View Now

A Perspective on SD WAN

Transformation to emerging next generation architectures is complex and challenging.  This article discusses reference architectures for WAN and DC transformations, including lessons learned from engagements. View Now

Technology Economics/Infrastructure Economics

Witnessing the Possible End of Moore’s Law and What to Do About It View Now

Intelligent Ops: A Game Plan for Managing Complex Multi-Cloud Environments

Read this white paper and learn about how artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps), machine learning, and automation can help improve performance, security, and cost. View Now

Digital Enterprise Transformation: Winning Themes for Financial Services Leaders

Register for this webinar and learn why companies that lead with broad-based, customer-centric approaches generate the greatest value relative to their overarching DET efforts. View Now

Application Release Automation – Gartner Magic Quadrant

Download the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Release Automation and discover which solutions to consider when managing complex software releases at scale. View Now

Advanced Deployment Patterns

Gain insights into the DevOps best practice of advanced deployment patterns: Blue/Green deployments, rolling updates, canary releases, dark launches, and feature toggles. View Now

Digital Enterprise Transformation: Winning Themes of Financial Services Leaders

A new study suggests digital transformation leaders know how to create a customer-centric approach that focuses on innovation and increasing revenue. View Now

Myra: Conversational In-Car Investment Assistant

Inordinate amount of time spent on driving could be used more productively - by turning cars into intelligent helpers giving us updates on our financial matters. View Now


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