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Architecting Applications to Scale in the Cloud

Architecting Applications to Scale in the Cloud

This white paper provides an architectural overview for building and deploying scalable content management applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with the Nuxeo Platform. View Now


World Quality Report 2019-20

Read this year’s World Quality Report, analyzing responses from over 1700 CIOs and other senior technology professionals about the trends shaping QA and testing today. View Now

Modernization is Mandatory. Obsolescence is Optional.

Modernization happens in waves, but emerging technology offers financial services organizations the possibility of escape from the unending cycle of deployment, upgrade, and obsolescence. View Now

Why the Business Models for Financial Services & Insurance Must Change

83% of banks and insurance executives believe tech giants like Amazon could become major competitors. As a result, 61% are transforming their business models. View Now

Transforming Investment Research with Better Data Practices

Investment researchers must constantly improve their technologies & methodologies to keep up with market demands. MarkLogic explains how to improve your data. View Now


Machine Learning & Data Analytics

With the emergence of deep learning and further advancements in AI, who knows how far this will go? View Now

Architecting Applications to Scale in the Cloud

Driving Digital Transformation While Ensuring Cloud Security & Compliance

As financial institutions move to embrace public cloud services, they must ensure that security, governance and compliance are at the foundation of all decisions. View Now

Paper Boats

Redis Enterprise for Financial Services

This series of use cases outlines some of the reasons financial services firms have chosen Redis Labs as their database of choice. View Now


Cloud-Native Financial Services Applications Solution Brief

Robin simplifies the containerization of critical application pipelines including fraud analytics, real-time risk detection, & deep learning which are composed of multiple stateless and stateful applications. View Now


How to Get Started with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

We give you a quick tour of the NIST CSF framework and describes how you can baseline your efforts in a couple of hours. So check it out. View Now

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