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Issue: September 2018


WSTA Spotlight

The WSTA is pleased to spotlight key individuals who have made or currently make significant contributions to the organization.
Swamy Kocherlakota
WSTA Director
Swamy Kocherlakota is the CIO for S&P Global and a WSTA Director.
Read more about Swamy’s career and contributions to the WSTA.


Michael McGrath
WSTA Director
Michael McGrath is the newest addition to the Board of Directors.
In his role at JPMorgan Chase & Co., he serves as the Head of Digital for Chase Wealth Management Operations.

Exclusive Content

This article was written exclusively for the WSTA.
Technology Economics/Infrastructure Economics| Rubin Worldwide | Article
Witnessing the Possible End of Moore’s Law and What to Do About It

Featured Content

Intelligent Ops: A Game Plan for Managing Complex Multi-Cloud Environments | BMC | White Paper
Read this white paper and learn about how artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps), machine learning, and automation can help improve performance, security, and cost.

Myra: Conversational In-Car Investment Assistant | Comarch | White Paper
Inordinate amount of time spent on driving could be used more productively – by turning cars into intelligent helpers giving us updates on our financial matters.

Digital Enterprise Transformation: Winning Themes for Financial Services Leaders | EY | Webinar
Register for this webinar and learn why companies that lead with broad-based, customer-centric approaches generate the greatest value relative to their overarching DET efforts.

Digital Enterprise Transformation: Winning Themes of Financial Services Leaders | EY | White Paper
A new study suggests digital transformation leaders know how to create a customer-centric approach that focuses on innovation and increasing revenue.

What’s New

Automate Security & Compliance of Multi-Cloud Environments
Most organizations have hundreds, perhaps thousands of accounts across multiple cloud platforms.  Dev teams are updating apps and microservices at a white-knuckled pace.  Businesses need a programmatic means to find and fix misconfigured cloud resources so that vital data is kept secure.  BMC’s TrueSight Cloud Security automates security testing and remediation for cloud resources and containers, to consistently and securely manage configurations across AWS, Azure, and GCP, all from a single, intuitive dashboard.

To learn more information about TrueSight Cloud Security, visit the website or call 855-834-7487.


The WSTA welcomes AT&T, Booz Allen Hamilton, NIIT Technologies & Zoom Video Communications as our newest Affiliates, and E*Trade, Investcorp & Pzena as our latest Members!
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