‘Tech Innovation, Applications & Infrastructure’ Resources

Emerging Technologies Deliver Success in Cloud, Collaboration & Security

Adoption of cloud service brokers, collaboration tools & centralized firewall management lead to dramatic returns in cloud service uptime, cybersecurity event containment & workforce productivity. View Now

Hybrid Cloud Application Delivery in Financial Services

Financial Services firms are moving applications to the hybrid cloud for speed, flexibility, and visibility, but must address security, and maintaining compliance, governance and auditability. View Now

Innovating in a Crisis: How Covid-19 Changed the Way UK Banks Deliver Core Operations

Appian partnered with the Financial Times to survey senior execs from banks on how they are managing new challenges to their banking operations. View Now

Build vs. Buy: Guide to Evaluating Identity Management

What is identity management? Should you build or buy a solution? View Now

Endpoint & IoT Zero Trust Security Report

This report provides survey data of security decision makers on key issues, initiatives, and investments on advancing Zero Trust endpoint and IoT security capabilities. View Now

FSI Corporate Brochure

An Introduction to Telstra’s capabilities and solutions for the FSI sector. Telstra empowers financial services through technology to connect global opportunities. View Now

2020 Nutanix FinServ Enterprise Cloud Index Report

What cloud models and capabilities make the most sense for financial services institutions? Nutanix shares the answers in this Enterprise Cloud Index report. View Now

The Anatomy of 5 Notorious Data Breaches

Cloud data breaches follow distinct patterns that can be studied and learned from. Sonrai Security dissects five notorious and distinct types of cloud data breaches. View Now

2020 Businesses @Work (from Home)

With millions of people suddenly working from home for the first time, financial institutions need ways to ensure productivity, connectivity, and security—quickly. View Now

Inside Cisco’s IT Monitoring Makeover

Cisco IT invested in the ScienceLogic SL1 platform to achieve real-time CI discovery and CMDB updates, intelligent process automation, and scalability to meet business needs View Now

Quantum Computing May Be A Reality Sooner Than You Think

The rate of future developments of quantum computing techniques are increasing, and could dramatically alter the timelines many thought possible to practical applications. View Now

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