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Top Application Development Trends in 2019

This survey of 3,300 IT pros looks at how app development priorities, strategies, and approaches are adjusting to digital disruption. Read the latest report. View Now

How Organizational Knowledge Empowers Enterprises

Organizational knowledge – it’s not a term commonly associated with business continuity, resilience, or disaster recovery, but it is a critical component. View Now

Why Financial Services Firms Must Focus on Digital Transformation to Compete

Explore the benefits and steps to consider when undergoing a digital transformation in financial services. View Now

Four Cyber Security Essentials for the Board

This white paper highlights the metrics you’ll need to explain your current cybersecurity approach to your executive audience in ways that are the most meaningful. View Now

The Future of Integrated Risk Management

With pervasive cloud technology, more third parties, and skyrocketing data creation, now is the time to consider the future of integrated risk management. View Now

Crafting a Cybersecurity Incident Response Policy: Doing it Right

Find out how to craft an effective—and actionable--cybersecurity IRP based on the widely accepted NIST cybersecurity standards. View Now

Cyber Security in Financial Services

When people work better, business works better. View Now

Say Goodbye to Passwords

New IDQ research finds that it leaders view mobile devices as the future of secure authentication. View Now

The Complete Guide to Crowdsourced Security Testing for Financial Services

Read Synack’s report to learn why financial institutions are turning to crowdsourced security to get a higher ROI on their security investment View Now

Winning the Data Game

Read this e-book to learn more about how to use Fintech and data security as a stepping stone to success. View Now

Rise of the Managed SD-WAN

Check out this white paper to learn how to maximize WAN uptime & minimize management overhead with a shift to managed SD-WAN. View Now

Considerations for Choosing an ATO (Account Takeover) Security Solution

ATO is a rising security problem resulting in millions of employee and customer credentials being stolen every year. How do you evaluate potential solutions? View Now

Shields Down: 1 in 2 IT Pros Admit Cybersecurity Policies are Ad Hoc, Not Integrated

2018 was a tough year for cybersecurity. 350% increase in ransomware attacks, 250% increase in spoofing attacks, and 70% increase in spear-phishing attacks… View Now

The State of Application Development

Learn more about the issues, obstacles and priorities Application Developers are addressing within the banking/financial services industry. View Now

Tech Spark: Design Thinking Is Not Just a Slogan

The latest issue of Tech Spark from Excelian | Luxoft Financial Services concentrates on User-Centered Design for the Financial Services industry sector. View Now

The Digital Business Playbook for Financial Services Firms

Digital transformation in financial services is being driven by changing consumer preferences and behaviors. Discover the strategies for success in this complimentary white paper. View Now

Next-Generation Cybersecurity: Containers and Orchestrators

Tools and tips for ensuring container and orchestrator security as you make the move to cloud. View Now

Change Management, Simplified

Learn how one multi-national bank keeps the identity information of its 200,000 employees up-to-date—despite a highly complex identity infrastructure. View Now

It’s Time: The Hidden Value of Unstructured Data

Expert System’s Cogito is the cognitive artificial intelligence platform that enables organizations to understand data, and empowers them to take control of their decision-making processes. View Now

Relational Search: A New Paradigm for Data Analytics

Data is rapidly becoming every company’s most valuable asset and analytics solutions are changing the paradigm for the BI industry and creating new possibilities. View Now

RPA Just Got Smarter

IQ Bot is the only native AI solution that business users can use to automatically read and process a variety of complex documents. View Now

The Business Case for Digital Process Automation in Financial Services

To help make the business case for investing in a DPA platform, review how a low-code platform can help your financial firm meet its objectives. View Now

Transform the Financial Advisor Experience with AI

Learn how AI gives financial services advisors the competitive edge with a 360 view of the customer and what to offer them next. View Now

Critical Concerns Change When Controlling Cloud

This white paper looks at the benefits that arise from establishing and maintaining proper automated controls over your cloud services spend versus manual tracking. View Now

Powering Growth & Innovation in a Hybrid Cloud World

DataStax explains how an enterprise data layer can unlock the full potential of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud architectures. View Now

Regulatory Technology: Enabling More Than Compliance

Rethink your technology strategy and turn regulatory challenges into real business opportunities. Read the insight report from BT. View Now

5 Benefits of Open Banking

Open banking is more than a one-off API. It’s a complete API strategy. Learn the 5 key benefits. View Now

Shifting to Cloud with Minimal Impact on Business

A one-page case study on how RoundTower helped a national mortgage company transition to hybrid cloud with minimal impact on business. View Now

A Better Way To Fight Financial Fraud

It’s no secret financial fraud is a growing problem. Learn why combining fraud and cybersecurity teams can help your organization fight financial fraud. View Now

Choosing the Right Container Infrastructure for Your Organization

This new white paper compares DIY, virtualized, and bare-metal options for production-ready container deployments. Avoid pitfalls with best practices from the experts. View Now

Cyber-Physical Coordinated Attacks

How can organizations prepare for scenarios in which a physical crisis is pre-ignited by a series of one of more carefully orchestrated cyber incidents? View Now

Video Collaboration in Financial Services

Frost & Sullivan examines how video collaboration technologies are changing financial services by delivering rich customer experiences, building strong internal communications, and creating consistent omnichannel interactions.  View Now

IDC Financial Insights Market Spotlight

This white paper explores how to inject IT agility and overcome monolithic and complex legacy infrastructure systems that stymie innovation. View Now

5 AI Solutions Every Wealth Manager Needs

Read how AI can help wealth managers target new clients, develop new investment products, increase client profitability, eliminate operational inefficiencies, and more effectively manage risk. View Now

5 AI Solutions Every Chief Risk Officer Needs

Advances in machine learning are bringing AI solutions into reach. This eBook describes five key AI use cases every Chief Risk Officer needs to address. View Now

Beyond the Hype: Top CASB Use Cases for Financial Services

Read the top 3 casb use cases for financial services organizations that want to increase productivity & reduce costs with the cloud, while also managing risk. View Now


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