‘Cloud-First Design’ Seminar Presentations

The Presentations from the March 21st Seminar ‘Cloud-First Design: Infrastructure, Development & Operations’ will be available for a limited time. Don’t forget to check out additional cloud-focused white papers from our Sponsors!


“Fearless Migration: Strategies to Enhance Your Transition to Cloud Security”
Chris Christou, Principal/Director, Booz Allen Hamilton
View PresentationA Better Way to Fight Financial Fraud

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Booz Allen Hamilton

“The Cultural Implications of Moving to a Cloud-Native Environment”
Emily Lewis-Pinnell, Vice President, Cloud Transformation
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“Pave the Way to Cloud-Native Application Success with the Right Infrastructure Approach”
Wallie Leung, Director of Systems Engineering
View PresentationChoosing the Right Container Infrastructure for Your Organization
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“Securing Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environments”
Greg Sliwka, Systems Engineer
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“See Through the Clouds”
Bassam Khan, VP of Product & Technical Marketing Engineering
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“Moving to the Cloud Means More than Infrastructure”
Earl Gay, Director, Cloud & Digital Transformation
View PresentationShifting to Cloud with Minimal Impact on Business
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“Navigating the Weeds of Cloud-Native Tooling”
Brendan O’Leary, Senior Product Manager
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Critical Concerns Change When Controlling Cloud
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“Data Management in a Hybrid Cloud World”
Caroline George, Strategic Solutions Engineer
View PresentationPowering Growth & Innovation in a Hybrid Cloud World
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