‘Infrastructure for Transformation’ Presentations

Thank you for attending last week’s virtual event. The Seminar Presentations will be available for download for a limited time.

In addition to sharing the presentations, some of our participants have also provided related educational content. Click here to check out all of our Infrastructure resources.

Keynote Presentation: “Digital Transformation – Infrastructure Technology”
Joseph Kennedy, Partner, PwC
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“Intent Based Networking by using a Mathematical Model”
Patrick Kane, Sales Director, Forward Networks
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“NoSQL for Digital Transformation (DX) in Financial Services”
Peter Finter, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Couchbase
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“AIOps: Deliver Flawless AI-driven Digital Experiences”
Haroon Ahmed, Head of Solution Engineering for AI Ops & Monitoring, Broadcom
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise“Enable Non-Cloud Native Apps to Co-host with Cloud-Native Apps”
Dave Furtzaig, Executive Director, Chief Technical Strategist & Technologist, AMS FSI, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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Verizon“5G: Redefine What is Possible”
Lov K Kher, Ph.D., Managing Principal & Master Architect, Enterprise Innovation and 5G Solutions, Verizon Business Group
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Robin.io“Fast-Track Your App Development: How to Deliver Complex Enterprise Applications as a Service”
Simone Sassoli, Chief Customer Officer, Robin.io
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