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Fast Track Digital Business with BMC Software

BMC SoftwareBMC Digital Enterprise Management is a set of innovative IT solutions designed to fast-track digital business for the ultimate competitive advantage, from mainframe to mobile to cloud and beyond.

Life after the Olympics

EY originalNancy Altobello, EY global vice chair, and Grace Luczak, Team USA Rowing, discuss the benefits of a new program aimed at helping female athletes from around the world to compete in the workplace.

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Doing Big Data Effectively Needs Intelligent Capacity ManagementBMC Software

What are the key challenges for planning a Hadoop cluster? How can organizations improve efficiency and effectiveness of a Hadoop environment through effective capacity management?

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Industry Insights: Efficiency & Scale in Middle Office Financial Analytics & Compliance

In this webinar, IDC – Financial Insights Research Director, Bill Fearnley, looks at current middle office IT workflows supporting analytics, backtesting and financial modeling and evaluates a hybrid cloud infrastructure to support growing demands.

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