WSTA Event List Use Policy

Updated November 5, 2020

Wall Street Technology Association



We understand that a benefit of participation is receiving and being able to utilize the event list and we want to ensure that you get the most out of it. However, we also have a responsibility to protect WSTA® event attendees against receiving too much unsolicited email or phone calls. Should you decide to reach out to these individuals, please follow these guidelines:

  • Only contact the person one time (either phone or email). If the individual does not respond, please do not make repeat attempts.
  • Do not add event list/contacts to your internal database.
  • The attendees who are listed without contact information have requested not to be contacted.
  • Do not ask them to give you the names and contact information for others in their firms.
  • Do not distribute the entire list to multiple people in your organization or share with your call centers.  This list is only to be used by you or the rep(s) responsible for financial services.  Please share this List Use Policy with those individuals.
  • You may not use the Wall Street Technology Associations (WSTA) name, acronym, or logo to endorse your company or solution.



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