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IT professionals need to respond quickly and effectively to demands from customers, businesses and partners. They must also manage an ever-growing portfolio of digital labor and automation, provide ongoing innovation, and leverage machine learning and instrument feedback loops for continuous improvement.

  How can they do all this while:

  • Regulating and governing a complex organization?
  • Sunsetting legacy services and reducing technical debt?
  • Incentivizing millennial developers?
  • Creating multi-modal business adoption frameworks using FinTechs, micro-services, open source software, cloud services and granular access management?
  • Choosing, onboarding, and commoditizing an ever-changing portfolio of services and tools, while ensuring continual compliance?

The answer is a solid enterprise architecture.

But yesterday’s ivory-tower enterprise architecture isn’t suited for today’s dynamic environment. This seminar focuses on how a lean, yet defined, enterprise architecture can enable Wall St. firms to compete at ever-accelerating paces, and quickly winnow through the plethora of emerging technologies to select and deploy the ones that will enable organizations to scale to meet tomorrow’s expectations.


12:00-12:45PM Registration and Lunch

12:45-12:50PM WSTA Introductions

12:50-1:20PM Keynote Presentation

1:20-1:45PM Premier Sponsor Presentation

1:45-2:10PM Luncheon Sponsor Presentation

2:10-2:30PM Break and Demo Area Visit

2:30-2:55PM Presentation

2:55-3:05PM Presentation Takeaways and Lessons Learned

3:05-5:00PM Panel Discussion

5:00-6:00PM Networking Reception

6:00PM Event Concludes

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