March 19, 2020
This event will share best practices for digital transformation at financial firms.
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“Digital Transformation” has become a buzzword. Financial firms are eagerly embracing the impact of emerging technologies on the experience of customers and employees. Interactions that were previously manual and static are now dynamic, automated, and mobile.

But what about the infrastructure? At the same time that digital technologies are transforming applications and the customer/employee experience, they’re driving dramatic changes in the underlying network, storage, and computing infrastructure.

This seminar and panel session provides technology deep dives and case studies focusing on critical infrastructure technologies

Topics include:

  •  Edge computing
  • Software-defined everything (SDX)
  • Automation: Making your own network infrastructure more cloud-like
  • Servers and serverless computing
  • SD-WAN and WAN Economics
  • The consumption-based model of infrastructure services
  • Managed services
  • Connecting to the cloud (WAN-CX)
  • Whitebox and data center switching
  • Orchestration, automation, and management of cloud resources (private and public) and non-cloud
  • Next-generation wireless: Advances in networking (5G, 802.11ax)
  • Infrastructure for advanced analytics
  • The infrastructure impacts of the zero-trust security model: deep network segmentation and beyond


8:00AM-8:30AM Registration & Breakfast

8:30AM-8:35AM WSTA Introductions

8:35AM-9:20AM Keynote Presentation

9:20AM-9:45AM Premier Sponsor Presentation by Forward Networks

9:45AM-10:10AM Luncheon Sponsor Presentation by Couchbase

10:10AM-10:35AM Break and Demo Area Visit

10:35AM-11:00AM Presentation

11:00AM-11:25AM Presentation by HPE

11:25AM-11:50AM Presentation By Verizon

11:50AM-12:30PM Luncheon and Demo Area Visit

12:30PM-12:55PM Presentation by NTT DATA

12:55PM-1:20PM Presentation

1:20PM-1:45PM Break and Demo Area Visit

1:45PM-3:45PM Panel Kickoff/Discussion

3:45PM- Event Concludes

Convene - Downtown Liberty
1 Liberty Plaza
New York, NY