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It’s no secret that cybersecurity is a growing headache for Wall Street firms. Even with world-class talent, state-of-the-art automation, and best practices, attackers find a way in. And in fact, the attackers may already be inside, infecting endpoints, workloads, services and physical devices that are operating below the radar of conventional security operations.

This seminar provides an overview of the most critical threats facing Wall Street firms today, and zeros in on the blind spots that even the best organizations often have. It covers the next-generation architectures that leading-edge organizations are increasingly adopting to deliver defense-in-depth in a zero-trust environment. It addresses the critical bellwether cybersecurity technologies—including advanced endpoint security, IoT security, analytics, and machine learning–and how to deploy them effectively. Finally, it covers some of the legal and financial moves you can make to reduce risk, such as what to look for (and what to avoid) in a cybersecurity insurance offering. You’ll come away with an actionable plan for accelerating your security initiative and providing best-in-breed protection.

Panel Discussion: Enabling Cybersecurity in a Virtual World

From on-premise to cloud, from hardware to software-defined everything, technology is undergoing a fundamental shift. There’s no longer a secure perimeter delineating trusted from untrusted systems, users, and resources. Applications and business functions are increasingly dynamic, responding in milliseconds rather than hours or days. With the addition of AI and analytics, decisions are increasingly made by machines, at machine speed.

What does all this mean to the cybersecurity professionals who have to protect and manage these increasingly cloud-based and virtual environments? Join this panel of experts for a lively discussion of how security best practices are changing. Attendees can expect actionable next steps for implementing and operating cybersecurity, including:
* The zero-trust model and how it changes infosec
* Securing cloud-based resources
* Enabling cybersecurity for virtualization
* DevSecOps: how DevOps changes cybersecurity
* Effective incident response plans in an analytics-driven environment

*Agenda and Times Subject to Change


8:00AM-8:30AM Registration and Breakfast (Breakfast sponsored by Authentic8)

8:30AM-8:35AM WSTA Introductions: James Kostulias, Managing Director, Retail Client Experience, TD Ameritrade and WSTA President

8:35AM-9:20AM Keynote Presentation: “World-Class CyberSecurity: Lessons from the Experts”

9:20AM-9:45AM Premier Sponsor Presentation: “Protect What Matters: Defending Financial Data in a Collaborative Environment”

9:45AM-10:10AM Luncheon Sponsor Presentation: “Reversing the Attacker-Defender Asymmetry: The Defender Lifecycle”

10:10AM-10:35AM Break and Demo Area Visit (Break sponsored by A10 Networks)

10:35AM-11:00AM "Integration – The Foundation for Resilience"

11:00AM-11:25AM “Addressing the Most Challenging Issues in Cyber Security”

11:25AM-11:50AM “Getting Inside the Attackers' OODA Loop with Security Automation”

11:50AM-12:30PM Luncheon and Demo Area Visit (Luncheon sponsored by Gigamon)

12:30PM-12:55PM "Cyber Security Foundations as Defense"

12:55PM-1:20PM “Cloud Adoption Will Accelerate…Creating New Opportunities and Threats”

1:20PM-1:45PM "Culture of Security”

1:45PM-2:15PM Break and Demo Area Visit

2:15PM-4:00PM Panel Kickoff/Discussion: Enabling Cybersecurity in a Virtual World

4:00PM-6:00PM Networking Reception

6:00PM- Event Concludes

Eligible for 6.5 CPE Credits

Field of Study: Information Technology
Prerequisites: None
Delivery Method: Group Live
Program Level: Overview
Advanced Preparation: None

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