October 29, 2020
Virtual Event
8:25-12:00PM ET
This Virtual Seminar & Panel will focus on emerging technologies poised to make the biggest impact for financial services organizations in 2021.
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In the city that never sleeps, the pace of change never diminishes. Join this session of experts as we provide a look forward to the technologies and innovations that will be changing our world in 2021 and beyond.

Topics covered will include:

  • Alternative payment networks/mechanisms
  • Digital finance
  • Emerging technologies in cybersecurity, applications, infrastructure
  • The API economy and what it means for financial services firms
  • Best practices: Keeping up with innovation
  • Blockchain/DLT
  • Quantum Computing
  • Futurists Speak: Business model evolution
  • Infrastructure for advanced analytics
  • Quantum computing and beyond
  • Next-generation skills and credentials for next-generation computing and analysis


8:25AM-8:30AM WSTA Introductions

8:30AM-8:55AM Keynote Presentation

8:55AM-9:15AM Premier Sponsor Presentation by A10

9:15AM-9:35AM Secondary Sponsor Presentation

9:35AM-9:45AM Break and Virtual Tabletops Open (Remain Open Until 12:00PM)

9:45AM-10:05AM Presentation

10:05AM-10:25AM Presentation

10:25PM-11:25PM Panel Kickoff/Discussion

11:25PM-12:00PM Virtual Tabletop Rooms Remain Open

12:00PM- Event Concludes

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