October 29, 2020
This event will focus on optimizing financial services firms to cope with the evolving workplace of the future.
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The one constant in today’s world is change. But technology isn’t the only thing that’s changing. The makeup, perspectives, and locations of employees are all changing—and technologists need to adopt their strategies and approaches to take into consideration that change. During this session, experts will share advice, wisdom, and best practices on the evolving workplace and workforce of the future, including insights on the impacts of:

Topics covered will include:

  • Proliferation of devices and services
  • Humans and RPA (robots) coexisting; integration into service offerings
  • Next-generation workforce: Employees across the generations (Gen Z to Millennials to Gen X to Baby Boomers)
  • The “heirloom employee” (no, not big, fat, and red! Employees with legacy skills and outlooks).
  • Talent and talent acquisition; employee retention strategies
  • Cultural evolution in the workplace – digital workspace, WFH arrangements, video, new tools, agile, etc.
  • Emerging collaboration paradigms (chat, video, etc.)
  • Collaboration at scale: handling collaboration in large companies
  • Data privacy across geographic boundaries
  • Segmentation
  • Effective application delivery globally
  • The evolving regulatory landscape for collaboration
  • Partnering with Fintech and emerging tech partners for solutions
  • Ensuring/enabling resiliency in a global enterprise


8:30AM-9:00AM Registration & Breakfast

9:00AM-9:05AM WSTA Introductions

9:05AM-9:45AM Keynote Presentation

9:45AM-10:10AM Premier Sponsor Presentation

10:10AM-10:35AM Break & Demo Area Visit

10:35AM-11:00AM Luncheon Sponsor Presentation

11:00AM-11:25AM Presentation

11:25AM-11:50AM Presentation

11:50AM-12:30PM Lunch & Demo Area Visit

12:30PM-2:00PM Panel Kickoff/Discussion

Convene - Downtown
1 Liberty Plaza
New York, NY